Cooler as a Wonder Box

By GrammaMary

This Wonder Box was the product of brainstorming with my son in order to use what I already have and not have yet another thing around to have to find a home for. When I saw the post from Wyzyrd regarding carrying the food for catering it was a great confirmation that our coolers are very versatile preps.

My best plan was to use an extreme cooler my son has stored here, but needed more muscle help to get it from where it was, so just went with the regular cooler.  The temperature in the pot was still 180 degrees at the 4 hour mark – only a 32 degree drop from boiling. I put some ceramic tile pieces in the bottom of the cooler to protect the cooler from the heat.  I just used towels for insulation and added a Mylar emergency blanket around the pot both for heat and to catch the spills.

I ended up not having the time to do a big time test with details. I did cook 2 pounds of great northern beans with seasoning in about 4 hours or so. I would have left them go a little longer but had to be somewhere else, so had to end experiment.  It was still well  below zero when I did this and the thought of using the propane outside to boil the pot was not something I wanted to do unless it was real. I used my regular stove to boil the pot.


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