Common ailments for “seasoned citizens”…..

It is an unfortunate reality that many seasoned citizens have to deal with more health issues that range from the nagging to the debilitating. For the older prepper in a survival situation these ailment can become a serious detriment.

Let’s take a look at some common ailments:

  • Vision problems
  • Joint Aches/Mobility Issues
  • Sores
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure

No doubt there are many more and varying degrees of severity amoung those listed above. I am no doctor and proclaim no advanced knowledge of any of the above. I have high blood pressure myself which I take medication for and my 13 year old son has type-1 diabetes.

If you are a senior citizen/older prepper with health problems you likely know your helath issues and conditions better than anyone else. Think of some common sense means which wuld allow you to deal with those conditions during a power outage/emergency situation. Here are a few examples:

Vision – If vision is corrected via eye glasses or contact lenses you have to ask yourself – “Self, what would  the situation be if I lost/broke my glasses or contacts?“. If your like me and would find it an absolute disaster to not have glasses – then you need to prepare for that. Spare glasses can be purchased very inexpensively through Zinni Optical. I have personally used their service with success. I have a total of 3 pairs of current prescription glasses. If you wear contacts try to stock up on a few months (at least) of contacts. If your prescription changes keep any older glasses/contacts as they are likely better than nothing.

Joint Aches/Mobility Issues – One of my first thoughts is someone that lives their life in a wheel chair and a disaster strikes. While traversing their home/property their wheelchair breaks. A difficult situation just got REALLY bad. Whether it be a cane, walker or wheelchair that helps you get around – have a spare on hand.

On there are many varieties of equipment available to help those that require assistance getting around. Many of these can be purchased with Free Shipping.

Here are a few examples:

Joint aches is another large category and cannot be covered as it should here. Whatever makes the pain better or manageable – stock up on extra supplies.


Sores – There are numerous types of sores and just as many locations for them. At a minimum triple antibiotic cream/ointment should be stored.  If you are at risk for frequent sores discuss prevention and treatment with a doctor. Always ask if there are multiple methods as well. Sometimes one treatment method may not work where another will.


Diabetes – This is one of the toughest issues and is very close to my heart as my 13 year old son has Type-1 diabetes. Regardless if one is suffering from Type-1 or Type-2 diabetes – a short term disaster/survival situation does not have to be critical to life as long as medication is available. Relative to Type-1 diabetes which requires a supply of insulin to stay alive – keep extra on hand. In addition to insulin – glucose meters, syringes, pump supplies, etc. need to be kept on hand.

Here are a few links related to emergency preparedness and diabetes:

In a long term survival situation where insulin supplies are not available for re-supply the prognosis is bleak.


High Blood Pressure – Many people live a normal life with high blood pressure. The problem is that normal life often ends premature due to complications from the condition. In a survival situation unless the high blood pressure is critically high – missing medication should not be life threatening. It is advisable to stock extra medication.

There is evidence that natural remedies are available in lieu of  medical prescriptions. Some examples include Coenzyme Q10, fish oil, garlic, hawthorn, and magnesium.


I highly recommend a  book that recently came out – The Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Handbook: Keep your loved ones healthy in every disaster, from wildfires to a complete societal collapse. A long title and even longer book. It is packed with medical information specifically geared towards emergency preparedness.

You may notice that I have Amazon links inserted here and there. I love Amazon as they provide excellent prices and selection. I order at least once per month.

Take care all –



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