Coconut Oil for Preparedness

By Randy Bock

I just read your article on dry skin, and, boy, do we know what that’s about down here.  With only a dozen or so inches of rain a year and summer temps in the 100s day after day, dry wind from March through May (oops, I’m not supposed to tell you all the negative stuff about New Mexico, but still no hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes or crowds), we use a variety of lotions.

Probably 2 years ago, Karen found out about coconut oil, which actually is a solid below about 76 degrees.  You can buy it scented or unscented, which is recommended for cooking.  It can be used for nearly anything you want to do with it, including probably any kind of cooking, as shortening, oil for frying, etc., as well as body lotion.  Without going into all the things you can use it for, I’ve included a link that tells it better than I can.  There’s a second link from Dr. Oz extolling the health benefits.

One of the things I like about coconut oil, as a prepared person, is that it keeps nearly forever.  We keep our opened containers in the refrigerator because everything keeps better if kept cool.

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