Cobb Cooking With the WE2’s

Not long ago we had the opportunity to purchase a Cobb Cooking Grill and we love it.  The thing that intriguing most was it’s portability, the small amount of charcoal (or?) to cook with as well as only the top gets hot  so you can cook just about anywhere with it.  There’s only two small vent holes so there’s virtually NO SMOKE, and the little smoke there is appears only as you first light the briquettes.


It also requires virtually no attention, just put your food in and let it do it’s job.  There is one draw back….the food smells delicious!  We have an old aquarium stand and two concrete patio blocks that we use for our Sun Oven, Coleman 2-burner stove (and oven), so the Cobb grill set nicely right there too :-)  Another advantage of it’s portability is that we can take it camping. It takes very little space whether it’s in the back of the truck or inside our Class B motorhome/van.  Because it’s got it’s own carry bag everything is right there and you don’t need any pots or pans.



We chose to wrap our chicken and potato in foil because of all the seasonings that we wanted to keep close to the food.  The grill is non-stick and has small “tunnels” that allow liquids to flow away from the briquettes so you can lay your fist right on it, and the drippings etc. drop down into the “well” that surrounds the cup that holds the briquettes and pretty much reduces the threat of grease or food starting a fire on the briquettes.


It took about 20 minutes of absolute unattended  cooking for the chicken, but the potatoes took quite a bit longer so we’d advise putting the potatoes in first and allowing them to get halfway done then add your chicken etc.  We’re not professional chefs and we eat off paper plates with no regret, but we really did enjoy our meal since we had worked all day at the Roost.  Also, had some fresh papaya chunks that were vacuum sealed in our frig so enjoyed them for dessert, topped with salted peanuts and whip cream :-)


Thought we share another day in the life of the WE2’s.




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