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This may sound weird to some, but if you’ve been around the WE2’s for any length of time you’ll quickly learn that BOTH of their minds run one fast path when it comes to being prepared for an emergency.

One of the “little things” that we have stocked up on a little bit, is chewing gums.

There’s been times when we’ve been camping or working outside, that a piece of flavorful, fruit, chewing gum refreshes the mouth, helps indigestion, and quenches hunger for a time.100_3923

Neither of us are smokers but we enjoy a refreshing piece of gum now and then and figured in a crisis situation, handing out a package of sweet chewing gum would be a rewarding treat for a family with little food stores, and especially the bubble gum for the children.

We’ve managed to save back a Mylar bag full of different flavors and try to stick with the more healthy brands (if there is such a thing?) like Trident etc. and sugar free bubble gums etc.

Because mice also like to nibble on gum (as well as cough drops) we put them in a Mylar bag and wifey seals the bag with her hair straightening iron.  Her hair is naturally STRAIGHT, so it’s only for sealing quick bags of Mylar when she doesn’t want to drag out the iron.

For an added note; when we purchased our “rolling work table” for the kitchen, wifey wanted the stainless steel top because she lays the edge of a Mylar bag over the edge and using her iron, just run across the crease to create a perfect seal to the Mylar.

Using the flat iron is very quick, especially for the very large Mylar bags that you can’t get on a table etc.

Noting that you can’t create a vacuum seal this way, only an airtight seal.  We use this method for a lot of things that we’ve put into buckets with gamma lids etc.

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