Challenges of getting older

How many of us wake up after a long night’s sleep and make an assortment of noises just walking to the bathroom. This is the reality of getting older. Aches and pains equal limitations on the ability to perform certain tasks either comfortably or possibly not at all.

It sucks. Period.

As humans, we do an incredible job of figuring out ways of doing things. I just watched a TV show where last week a woman had her arm bit off by a shark. She had the attitude – “The shark will not win. I will live and live my life to the fullest.”  Is she living in denial? I think she is just choosing her attitude. She could wallow in sorrow and be depressed  – or lift her head up high and take on the challenge that lies before her.

So a big part of dealing with the challenges of getting older is mental. While pain may be physical and no amount of positive attitude will make it hurt less – living a more fulfilled life while dealing with the pain is possible.

Did I mention getting older sucks?

In my own existence, I have struggled lately with energy and stamina. While many people drink a cup of coffee every morning I take a 200mg. caffeine pill and feel it has really made a difference in my energy and mental alertness. Stamina? Still struggling but part of that I know is I need to challenge myself and exercise more.

I would hope that can be a place where we can share struggles, challenges – and even solutions and victories.


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