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What Seasoned Citizen Prepper Has Meant to Me This Past Year


Helping out with SCP has given me a renewed sense of purpose. Work and family stuff had been making me feel ‘extraneous’ and useless. SCP has allowed me to share what little I may know with friends of my own generation, and some may get passed along to younger folks. SCP is a true cross-section of America. Our faiths may not match, our politics may not match. Who cares? Our mutual purpose of preserving what we all hold dear through whatever may happen makes us ‘extended family!Thank you all, brothers and sisters.


Since becoming a prepper I have made many mistakes. In the area of the country I live in, there aren’t many preppers or if there are they stay hidden. So I took to the internet to glean information on how and what to prep. In the beginning, I joined any and every site that I could find. Was that ever a mistake!

One of the first ones I joined, which shall remain nameless, was giving really bad advice about canning and weapons. Why is this bad, you ask, well for one thing I was also new to canning they were telling me it was okay to water bath meat. What a costly mistake that was. After learning my lesson, I stumbled upon SCP. What a GOD send this was, not only are they friendly but what a wealth of information! Plus they are Christian based and this is very important to me.  Article after article I began to learn and it was and is good solid information. If someone doesn’t know, then others will and are very open and willing to share. No filthy language, No Rambo style tactics and it is geared to my age. I am not going to be able to do what a 20 or 30 year old does, that part of my life is past. But I am still a useful part of society. SCP is geared to my age group although the 20 and 30 year old’s can also learn.

Bev is like an older sister who is always looking out for her younger siblings and Rourke is the kindly ol’ uncle who is always there but never intrusive. SCP is more than just a prepping site, it is like family and many of the people on here, whether they know it or not, mean a great deal to me. Sometimes the articles are on how and what should be done to prepare, other times the articles are a look into the past to see that although times may become hard we can endure.

Thank you Seasoned Citizen Prepper, you truly are a blessing to me.


SCP is one of the first sites I check each day. While I enjoy reading most prepping sites, many articles which focus on guns and weapons aren’t relevant to me in a country where weapons aren’t part of our culture. SCP is different. It focuses on our strengths and on the wisdom we have gained over our decades of life experience. Belonging to such a group is supportive of my values and what I am attempting to achieve in the last third of my life. We are separated by many thousands of miles of distance and by being brought up in very different cultures, but our joint focus is to value freedom, self responsibility and to be prepared for whatever the future might throw at us. Along the way we enjoy our social connectedness, our families and our faith. Go well, everyone.

John from Iowa

SCP has given me an opportunity to share knowledge with my peers of a like age group and mind. I like SCP, as it is a more matured and well rounded site with little to no hype or drama. Just good level headed camaraderie.

It has been very fulfilling watching it grow and evolve, and I look forward to experiences the future will bring.


Finding SCP was like finding a new friend, or, better still, an entire community of new

friends. Yes, there are other sites and there are good people on them (and plenty of

trolls). I like SCP and am committed to SCP because it is geared toward our age group

50+, and toward Christians, so attacks of faith-based comments are not going to be

tolerated, unlike some other sites.

I’m also not smart enough to remember or even to learn everything I need to know and

learn on my own for survival when we become forced into fully utilizing self-sufficiency

and community survival skills. We need to learn them now, and be ready to use them

soon. I need the wisdom and real-life education of those here who have experiences

and education I will never have; alone, we don’t stand much of a chance; together, our

chances of success increase exponentially!

I know there is a tremendous investment of personal time and personal wealth in

running a site like this. Rourke, thank you. For everything you have done. Bev – thank

you, for everything you have done. You are a blessing to many, every day.

The Coach

I like writing for SCP because I like to share information with as many people that I can.
I have been a prepper since I was 17 years old and now I am 63.
It does no good to have knowledge and keep it to yourself.
I have always believed if you can help someone, do so.



I do appreciate, and was humbled by the fact that you and Rourke considered my thoughts worthy of becoming an EAL; and that others even read and commented on some of them. This is something I will always treasure.

I look back and think of your articles and Rourkes’ , and of EAL’s like Servantheart, Harold, and MyKyPrepper, and others who I learned so much from. The articles were so practical. I think the one thing that I found out as I participated in SCP, was the fact that I didn’t really have that much to share from a “prepping standpoint”, and there were so many others who had so much more to offer.


I love SCP because I know the observations and advice comes from years of real life experience.  It’s like finding a long lost childhood friend. Even though we come from different places and walks of life, the values are the same. And in these times, that’s comforting.



What I have Gained from the Seasoned Citizens Preppers Blog

Earlier this year I was contacted by Bev Sandlin asking permission to publish a comment to a posting I had made on Mickey Creekmores Survivalist Blog.

I have long surfed the various blogs and have seen them run the gamut of outright commercialization selling products and services to reprints of various advice documents.  I rarely posted and then only on Mickey’s blog and only when something was so blatant that I felt I needed to add my two cents worth to whatever was being discussed.  I had noticed that the general direction the blogs were taking was to stockpile massive amounts of food, firearms, water and ammunition and then go into building a survival retreat with the various discussions about defensibility of same.  This was not the way I saw survival myself.

Beginning in my earlier career in the Army during which period of time we got paid little and once a month, so the stockpiling and bargain hunting started back then.  I came from a very poor family, where everyone had to pitch in just to survive.  I found that by judicious shopping I could get C rations that were being rotate at the Commissary annex and they were just as good as when they were packed years before.  The price was very cheap, something like ten bucks for a case, and they represented the bulk of our solid food storage with only fresh milk and bread from the Quartermaster bakery with occasionally some sweet rolls for the boys.

I was able to build up a stockpile of several months supply of foodstuffs and this enabled me to purchase one high quality uniform each month until I had a weeks worth of uniform changes which fit better, looked better and wore much better than the Army issue clothing.  I had picked up at a local salvage yard a wringer type washing machine that just needed new wringer rollers and the latching mechanism springs changed.  This enabled us to eliminate laundry expenses and my busy wife always kept my uniforms done up so I looked very good in the formations and since they wore well without wrinkling or showing wear spots this helped my acceptance by my superiors.

In later years as the children grew and we relocated to California I would hunt the salvage stores and judiciously pick out undented cans of food that we enjoyed eating and shopped the roadside farmers markets for fresh vegetables and fruits. My children did not particularly enjoy candy, except on the holidays with the hard Christmas candies.  We continued the stockpiling after the children started to marry and start families of their own.

Our next door neighbors were Mormons and they thought we too were Mormons because of our stockpiling.  We were very close friends and after I changed the engine out in her truck she made a point of bringing us foodstuffs from the LDS bishops pantry where she obtained her stockpile of foods.  This helped considerably and it was a good thing since our oldest daughter was impoverished most of the time and had to frequently shop in our pantry just to feed her family.  It also freed up  some money for me to invest in some shop equipment and I started to fabricate trailers for utility use and to haul dune buggies.

I was able to get the materials quite reasonably by leaving a list of the sizes and lengths I needed at the local scrap yard where they would cut and stockpile the material for me until they had enough to build a trailer with and I would pick it up.  It was much cheaper than buying it at the regular metal supply store.  I was up to having four frames made up and stacked on edge in the three car garage just awaiting the axles to be installed upon purchase.

It was during this period of time that myself and the boys would head up into the mountains for a weekend once a month and live up there just getting used to what we would have to take with us to make the weekend.  We would build from there up to a weeks supply of everything we would need and this was well before the days of bug out bags.

After a month or so of reading the postings and comments on SCP, I realized I had happened on a blog that addressed the issues I was interested in like honing the skills I had learned as a boy in how to survive and how to live without the use of heavy duty firepower.  I also was able to discuss my upbringing and the food hunting we had to do on a daily basis.

Based on what I have seen so far, I think SCP serves my purposes very well as the emphasis seems to be on self-reliance, productivity and not emphasizing the dependence of heavy firepower in what I consider a futile attempt to protect what you have amassed in the form of commercial survival rations since I feel we are all targeted as revealed by the recent NSA scandals and the government knows exactly what you have and where it is, if you bought it commercially, and plan to take it away from you and feed the entitlement minded people in the various FEMA camps being set up.

I have heard that even if they do discover you have a large quantity of home canned foods stored they intend to break all of the jars leaving you with only a three day supply and by breaking jars preventing you from storing up more.  I do not know whether to believe this or not but more than likely from what I have seen, it is probably true.

As it stands now, I am committed to the ideals and thoughts as expressed by most posters on the blog and eagerly look forward to reading postings by like minded people.  Thank you for everything Bev.


I started this due to an apparent need in the preparedness community. I soon realized that although my heart was in the right place I had taken on more than I can handle. I think God worked his magic and brought Bev into my life. What perfect timing! Over the last year I have seen SCP grow and have seen relationships develop. I have seen good things happen as a result of Bev and all the Editors efforts. I am only 43 but I can identify with sometimes having that feeling of lacking purpose. The effect that SCP has had on peoples lives has been incredible – all the while passing on great, relevant information. I am so thankful!!!!


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