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Dealing With A World Falling Apart

I’ve written previously that sometimes all the bad news just gets overwhelming. Every so often I have to take a break from watching the news, reading the political posts, and seeing the insanity that is engulfing this country.

It is easy to get pulle...

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Men…….read this!

The following post IS directly related to preparedness – preparedness for your soul, your life, and your happiness. I originally posted it back in September of 2013  on however I felt the need to put it out there again...

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Spirituality: A deep sense of connectedness to one’s inner self Part II

by Harriet, Editor-At-Large

Address suffering and unresolved emotions.

Sometimes life sucks. Shit happens. Families break up. Loved one’s die or betray us. We lose all our money. A business is destroyed...

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Spirituality: A deep sense of connectedness to one’s inner self Part I

by Harriet, Editor-At-Large

Develop the understanding, thought patterns, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness and concentration conducive to happiness and enlightenment, serenity, compassion, self responsibility and wisdom.

Some Catholic t...

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Bewildered by Evil

Hello all –

Unless your living in a vacuum or a totally off grid home on the side of a mountain somewhere you are likely well aware of the state of the world right now. There has always been evil in the world since the serpent entered the Garden. In ...

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Spirituality: 2 of 8

Spirituality: A deep sense of connectedness to God through being in touch with the land and with nature

by Harriet, Editor-At-Large

The church has usually promoted the way to God as being through scripture reading, attending services and private pray...

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Lord of Trust by Gary Bertnick

Tried, tested and proven true
Beyond any doubt in a human mind renewed
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Spirituality: 1 of 8

Spirituality by Harriet, Editor-At-Large

As I look back in my life I have always been driven to have a strong sense of spirituality.

When I went to theological college I really wanted to understand what spirituality meant within the tradition...

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Silence by Gary Bertnick


Enough of the noise
The foolish, wasteful noise of the world;
The spirit cries out
The soul groans deeply
Mind strains for true quiet!
Knees touch the rug, cat sleeping on a nearby chair,
In silence prayers can be heard within
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The Litany Against Fear

Submitted by Wyzyrd


Not a song per se, but a ‘verse’ that has helped me out a LOT of times in the past 40-or-so years.
From the late Frank Herbert’s “Dune” novels, “The Litany against Fear”:

“I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is th...

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Soon by Gary Bertnick

The timelessness of Heaven
Where eternity reigns in the beauty of the Holy Spirit,
The many children of destiny endure
Carry ref...
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You’re an Overcomer! Totally Uplifting!

Shared by GrammaMary,

“A friend called me this morning when I just happened to be at a low point, actually driving in my car at that moment.   She said she just heard this song and felt it was for me...

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Our Refuge by Gary Bertnick

The heart longs
A soul yearns
Mind so strained and pulled
Tears well up from within;
Oh, for a true place of safety during the storm
Guidance in a journey across this desert land
To be wrapped about with arms of lov...
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Ready by Gary Bertnick


Wide awake in a sleepy house,
Long before dawn these eyes have looked above
Beyond the clouds and moon, and through the stars
A soul in deepest yearning, at the doorstep of the Third Heaven, bowed low;
The heavy heart churns,
Those number...
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OFFSPRING by Gary Bertnick


Children of Israel, natural or “grafted in”
Descendants of faith given as a true life force,
Spirit power greater than gravity
Power greater than heat or cold
Greater than any chemistry or biochemistry
Greater than any emotion or inspired ...
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A Remnant Waits by Gary Bertnick

Lost without a shepherd
They wander the barren hills
Very little water,
Very little food.
Groans and moaning can be heard
Eyes seem to stare blankly
Many have already fallen to the ground
Abandoned by false shepherds
Deceivers who feed only themselve...
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Happy Fourth of July!

Thank you to all of our Veterans & their families!

flag thanks






 The Eternal Flame

Keep It Lit!

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By Gary Bertnick

All fears melt away,

The fear and anxiety of life
The fear of death,
That we might truly live out each day
At rest, at peace in this place, at this time.
As the morning sun lifts the dew.
A cloud of invisible vapor ascends,
So the tr...
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What If – Poetry by Gary Bernick

     WHAT  IF

By Gary Bertnick
What if the new morning sees you first
As a simple human wrapped in a thin blanket
Standing and staring
Bewildered at the circumstances,
A cold night huddling in the wild with many others
Little food, little water...
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Happy Fathers Day!

fathers day

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Hunting on Sunday

I had everything planned and told my wife I would not be going to church with her on Sunday. My wife reminded me that Sunday was the Sabbath Day and hunting a trophy buck should not be part of the Sabbath.

1.    I scouted the area all summer.


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J100 – Attack/Counterattack: Part 2 – Counterattack


The following article comes from my outline and notes from a study I did, and class I taught in 2001, on Spiritual Warfare...

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J100 – Attack/Counterattack: Part 1 – Attack



The following article comes from my outline and notes from a study I did, and class I taught in 2001, on Spiritual Warfare...

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