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4 Tips to Prepare Your Homestead for Winter


The Weather Channel is predicting colder than average temperatures through January for the Plains states and the area from southeast Texas to the Florida panhandle...

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Video of the Week: Small Mobile Home



Here is another small home on wheels – food for thought.
 – – Rourke


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Video of the Week: Vermiculture and Homesteading



I’ve been researching vermiculture (and somehow lost it all #!&@#!), but this is the BEST video I have come across on vermiculture on the homestead. Enjoy!



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Pop Bottle Gardening!

pop bottle planters starter

By Bev Sandlin,

I go through about one 2 liter pop bottle a week and hate to waste them. Pop bottles have so many uses from storing rice to mini-domes to protect plants in the spring, to irrigation in the garden.

Here are some inspiring garden i...

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Video of the Week: Potato Storage


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Root Cellar Storage

cartoon of gal

By Bev Sandlin

The harvest is starting to come in and I still don’t have my root cellar framed in and ready to go – been on the project list for a couple of years now...

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Survival Landscaping Part 3: Permaculture

permaculture with hedge

By Bev Sandlin, Fillmore County Master Gardener

What is Permaculture? I lifted this explanation here:

What is a Permaculture Garden?

Permaculture gardens are s...

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Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans!

bee on bean flower

By Bev Sandlin, Master Gardener Fillmore County, MN

These photos were take on 8.2.14 in my garden. I am a true lover of Kentucky Wonder pole beans, I’ve been planting them for the last 30 years. They are a non-GMO bean so you can save your seeds...

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Last Resort Weeding

weeds 1

By Bev Sandlin

Sometimes stuff happens and the garden becomes a low priority. I’m writing this with a variety of scenarios in mind…

– A SHTF situation, you bug out, come back a week or two later and NEED that garden to produce.

– A personal SHTF situ...

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Garden Weed Control – A Primer

gardem weeds

 By Bev Sandlin, Master Gardener Fillmore County

Recently I was sitting at the county fair volunteering with other master gardeners when the subject turned to grass control in bulb flower beds...

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Tiny House on Old Camper Frame


This tiny house is built on an old camper frame. What I think is so intriguing about this video are all the money saving tips he gives and some unique building materials. This 8 minute video could change your life!

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Off Grid Laundry – Lots of Options!

laundry sign good

By Bev Sandlin

Laundry has come up a number of times as a preparedness concern...

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Video of the Week: Buying Land for a Retreat or Homestead


SouthernPrepper1 on buying land for a retreat or homestead. What would YOU add?

For some reason the above video cut out half way through and it was interesting! Same thing on the original.

So, here is another one on buying land with a lot of good t...

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Redneck Air Conditioner

red neck airconditioner

Ninety Nine degrees heat index here yesterday – this actually looks good!

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Row Gardening Tip!

GM fabric

GrammaMary says, “Little helper planting beans.  Note the heavy duty landscape fabric between double rows.  Use as is, not mulched over. Fabric can be reused for several years.

My neighbors have reused this for years.  At Sam club...

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Row Gardening: Easier & More Bountiful than Square Foot Gardening

sf garden

By Beverly Sandlin

For all of the hype about square foot gardening and raised beds, when two of my sisters, both avid and experienced gardeners (better than I am) stopped by last week, we had a little discussion and all decided that raised beds and s...

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RE: Coyote Attacks Dogs I Shoot With Glock 26

The following letter came in regarding the Video of the Week: Coyote Attacks Dogs I Shoot With Glock 26:
I grew up around farm people, both sets of my grandparents were on farms until they died...
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Common Heirloom / Open-Pollinated Seed List


Let’s do this again! This was originally published last year here on It can be seen HERE in its original format. ~Rourke

Common Heirloom / Open-Pollinated Seed List

by John Rourke

Without a doubt the most controversial a...

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Second round of planting


Over the past week I have been pulling up plants that have gone by and no longer producing in the garden, and started planting a second round. Living in South Carolina the climate affords a pretty long growing season...

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Survival Garden: How to Build an Affordable Underground Greenhouse


To prepare for a natural or man-made disaster, many survivalists are busy stocking up on shelf-stable food and water...

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Video of the Week: Easy to Make Nesting Boxes for Chickens – Chicken Egg Laying Boxes

video of the week

Another featured video from YouTube. From preparedness to frugality, from gardening to self-reliance – YouTube has an enormous amount of information available.

Here is but a small piece we hope you find interesting, informative, and maybe even tho...

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Chicken Doctorin’ – Part 5

chicken eye

By Bev Sandlin

Today we are going to talk about the adult bird, one plus years old.

Broken legs you can set with popsicle sticks and vet wrap and isolate the bird and/or put it in a sling. They actually heal very fast.

Any attack that the bird lives ...

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Chicken Doctorin’ – Part 4

chicken pecked on back

By Bev Sandlin


FYI, you are getting this in small pieces because I’m tired. It is summer and I am very busy...

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Chicken Doctorin’ – Part 3

adolescent chickens

By Bev Sandlin

Chicks are sooo fun! I just love watching them. And once you’ve kept them alive and well for the first 5 days you generally have a break for two weeks to just enjoy them.

Within a few days, give or take depending on the breed, of two w...

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Tips from Wyzyrd – Edible Daylilies & Baking Soda


Tips from Wyzyrd!


I love daylilies :)  had the whole back side of my fence planted with them at the old place, as the Master Gardener agent got hold of a free truckload :)

You probably already know, but the buds and flowers are edible a...

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