Camouflaging Your Car Packs

By Mammarock

I would like to note here that all the emergency backpacks and car packs that I have been seeing lately are either, and, or…. red in color or have EMERGENCY KIT, or the company that prepared them…. like EMERGENCY ESSENTIALS…. sewn on or painted in huge letters across them in an obvious place. 
Now, I know we who bought or prepared them should know what they are and what is in them, but we do not need to broadcast to everyone that walks by our car or heaven forbid, is out walking the interstate with us… that we have a pack full of things that they may want or need desperately.  We need to put our supplies in a nondescript pack or bag, cut off patches that identify our carefully thought out contents, or camouflage them in some way that makes them unattractive to a thief or worse.  I have had my car broken into twice and both times they took my red, plainly marked “EMERGENCY ROAD KIT” purchased from Sam’s Club.  So they stole both my original and my replacement kit until I got smart and put the newest of the three into a PINK kid’s backpack from the dollar store. 
Moral of this story is…. don’t make yourself or your preps a target!  Make sure that you have them (or can keep them) when you need them. 
When we had bad weather here in Atlanta a few weeks back, people were shoving people down in grocery store parking lots and stealing their newly purchased supplies.  One person even got shot when he refused to give up his legally purchased supplies.  It doesn’t take long for scared people to turn violent and take what they need.
Protect your preps!

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