Boondocking Extra-Ordinary!

By the WE2s

Bev – The WE2s are helping an older lady and her disabled daughter move from Texas to Missouri from what I understand. I just hope I got the pics in the right order! Lots to learn here!   LOL  :)

When we first arrived & started setting up camp, the ground was so soft with new gravel that the trailer rocked off it’s yellow leveling pads (on one side) and drove the nose of the trailer post down just about as far as it would go :-(

101_0721 oh, oh, oh!

Thank God for scissor wheel chocks! So… MrWE2 had to dig us out with a shovel & the jack from the truck.

101_0722 love a shovel, a jack & a strong MrWE2


101_0731 success!

After we got things dug out, he decided to take what we now call a “dumb walk” through CGA’s 39 acres… and came back with enough ticks to send to Iraq & win the war :-( I had several citranella candles going so we “picked ticks” for about an hour pitching them into the candle buckets and all the while, me giving him the dickens for his “dumb walk”.

101_0776 laundry center -)Washed down with bleach water & took a quick solar shower and all was pretty good. Did find a few “hitch hikers” now and then though, but I managed to escape :-) Good thing I refused to allow Abby-girl to follow him! I kept her in her portable wire kennel or tethered to our FirstUp the whole time.


He built an “arm” on the front of the small cabin to hang our solar shower on, with it dangling down inside the portable privy to make us a portable shower tent :-)

101_0744 portable privy is ready!

CGA can use a solar bag or bucket if she wants. It’s there. We were totally dry camping so there was no air conditioning, only our Fantastic Fan over our bed, all windows open & front door open. Thank God for good, tight screens! Didn’t notice any mosquitos, probably because there’s no water on the land nor puddles etc. But plenty of ticks so CGA will want her ducks or ??? to start hunting them suckers out! You all will probably raise your eyebrows but we weren’t bashful taking our solar showers… walking around in the buff like nobody would see :-) Laughed a few times and made fun of each other too! Wondered if any satellites were looking in and laughing at those two old goats roaming naked! :-) Laughed and wondered where a tick would hide if one didn’t wear any clothes :-)

101_0800 wiring completed

The wiring was awfully tough mainly because it was so terribly hot (in the 90’s) and all the breezes were outside :-( Once the wiring was done, then it was insulation time… again, hot work but not near as time consuming.

101_0818 insulation

Then came the poly work over the insulation as a moisture barrier. CGA won’t be feeling no drafts from these walls!

101_0829 poly

MrWE2 filled all the receptacle holes etc., with foam also. By the time this was done, it was REALLY warm inside the building and he was changing clothes three times a day. I washed them by hand and hung them to dry so we could keep him in work clothes :-(

Laundry Center

Laundry Center


101_0774 three changes a day, so hot!

Told CGA that she’s going to have to change her nick to “thunder mountain” or “rocky top” because that’s all it did until late Sunday afternoon, then it sprinkled about 500 drops. That’s one of the reasons we hitched up and pulled out Friday morning because they were forecasting rain and we now knew the gravel was soft and we might not be able to pull out. Also our house batteries were down to 1/3 and you don’t want to totally drain them since it might ruin them. Also our holding tanks were nearing capacity and we just figured all in consideration, it was best to spend the $15 a night at the cheapy RV camp that offered full hookups :-)

It turned out to be a good thing we did! Had to make 3 runs up the new drive to get the trailer to the top! I stood on the highway ready to wave anybody down so he could use the momentum to keep on pulling! Then headed straight for the RV park. Did feel awfully good to take a “real” shower each night though. At the work site, we found we had to leave about noon and go to the RV for lunch, cool off and go back around 3 after the heat mellowed a bit and work later into the evening.

It thundered nearly every afternoon but no rain until late Sunday afternoon and again, just a few drops. The real thunderstorms etc., stayed to the east, south & northeast. When we hitched up to head home, we hit those thunderstorms to the east and had to drive most of the way home in it, but… we took it slow and easy, stopping only for lunch and a pit stop in the trailer.

101_0846a man's toy

101_0847 rock is up

There’s still some things CGA will need to do like staple up the foam board on the two entry doors, wire in the receptacles to the outlets which should be very easy (and MrWE2 can tell her how if she needs more info), we just ran out of time. We didn’t seal the one side of the doors because they’re not regular sized and she’d not be able to get her deep freeze in or anything very big. Only building #2 has a standard sized door. She’ll probably also want to figure out some way to insulate under building #1 and run some type of foundation/skirting around it to keep breezes etc., out from under it.

But she’s now got a pretty “tight” cabin with lots of outlets to plug whatever she needs to plug in, an exterior receptacle so she can temporarily run a line to building #2 if she needs to (or an extension cord), plus an exterior porch light box for her motion sensor security light.

We stapled black trash bags over all the windows so peeking eyes couldn’t see any finished work etc. Thieves really like copper :-( Hopefully she’ll get the power there and get moved shortly. The Co-op man showed up right on time Tuesday, and showed us what will be needed. We “flagged” the area that CGA will need to have cleared for the dusk-to-dawn light pole to be set. The cost for that is nearly the same as a regular pole, and with the DTD they’ll furnish all the conduit, wire and box etc. and actually be cheaper. They won’t set a temporary pole for anything except a new construction with a foundation, and “some” mobile homes :-(

She’s been very gracious in agreeing to help pay for our gas for the trips to set the mailbox and this trip. It will definitely be appreciated! She also agreed to reimburse us for some little things we had to pick up for her (like the right sized breaker box…they sent her the wrong kind!).

The sound of the saw mill running is something CGA will have to get used to :-) In this warm weather, they start up at 7am, shut down at noon, and quit around 4pm…Mon-Fri. It’s not loud at all, just can hear it. Got some neighbors to one side that are a young couple with small child/children. Didn’t meet them but saw them out as we drove by.


Took pix of the volunteer ferns that are growing like crazy at the back of building #1 :-) Put all the building scrapes etc., in building #2 because she’ll probably figure out some way to use them? Locked everything up and will mail the keys to her shortly.

long horn

I’m sure I’ve left out some details but we’re still trying to catch up. Got laundry going as I type and probably about 5 more loads! Now… I’ll put in some pix for you all! Oh…took a pix of a long horn bull not far from CGA… just in case she gets lonesome for Texas :-)

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