Book Review: Going Home

I am a book “scavenger”. Basically – I look through books for information and then move on to another. It’s a rarity that I read a book from cover to cover. Several weeks ago I downloaded Going Home onto my Kindle Fire. It’s taken awhile but I finally finished it. There are tons of free preparedness ebooks available. 

What a great book!!

The basic premise of the movie revolves around “Morgan” who is traveling away from home/family and there is some kind of EMP event. His car – as well as most everyone else’s  – dies. He grabs his pack and starts walking the 200+miles……going home. Along the way, Morgan has his fair share of excitement as societies morality begins to plummet as their desperation raises.

The book does a good job creating the environment of no power, no modern conveniences. I really got into the head of Morgan who was desperate to get home to see his wife and kids. Always wondering if they were OK – Morgan had to be careful to keep his head and make minimal mistakes to stay alive. As he travels on foot mile after mile – his experiences really got me thinking about my own situation. I work 22 miles from home and sometimes travel 150 miles or so away. What would happen if something happened and I needed to walk?  I have started to rethink my vehicle kits.

going home (1)

Morgan has one adventure after the other – from saving some innocent civilians from ruthless murderers to surviving a game of cat and mouse in the dark against ruthless brigands. Morgan is not a super soldier or super hero – just determined to get home.

Morgan was a prepper prior to the EMP event. He had some basic supplies in his pack to help him along the way. He also made some very important friends and picked up some supplies – including a hand-held HAM radio. His use of the HAM really intrigued me. His ability to communicate to friends (not going to give anything away) helped not only give him valuable information but also boosted his morale. 

I mentioned “friends”. Morgan did not walk alone the whole way. He met up with a few people who joined him on his journey. Safety was found in numbers and they often worked to their mutual benefit – but not always. In that kind of situation as you can imagine some very close bonds could be made.

If you like adventure, a bit of intrigue, and some preparedness fiction – this book is for you. It will really get you thinking.

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