Book Recommendations… many choices….

Loyal reader Arlene sent me the following in response to the “Recommended Products” section here on

“I like the carousal display style of the products!! Rourke and all-could you please list the authors for recommended books because sometimes there are many titles of the same .I am searching for Lights Out, Going Home and Patriot Dawn. Thanks Arlene
Lee- Alas Babylon by Pat Frank was exc. -I agree.”

Here are a bunch of survival and preparedness books listed by author along with “hodge podge” thrown in. Both non-fiction and fiction are represented.

Thanks for the suggestion Arlene!!

 – Rourke


James Wesley, Rawles

Scott B. Williams


Bruce D. Clayton


M.D. Creekmore


Joe Nobody


Here are several books from various authors that may peak your interests….. 




Any other suggestions?

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