Blessed Christmas!

Blessed Christmas!


By Bev Sandlin, Executive Editor
My present to you on this Holiest of Days…



Silent Night…Holy Night…All is calm…all is peace…


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“The real message has always been there.


Christmas is a short period we set aside every year to commemorate and celebrate the birth of a man born roughly 2,000 years ago. But not an ordinary man – one of Humanity’s greats. Jesus of Nazareth, the man who became known as The Christ, was reputedly an exemplar of how we should use our lives. “Love one another.” Be kind, considerate, patience, loyal. Be tolerant and forgiving. “Have I not told ye that ye are gods!” So often we forget that.”



Teach the Children the True Meaning of Christmas. For you to read to your grandchildren. 


A smile for you…


Christmas cartoon for grandkids





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