Baking Soda & Vinegar Diversionary Bomb

This “bomb” is the same chemical reaction we did in grade school to make a papermache volcano lava flow, without coloring.

Baking soda and a vinegar based liquid interact and produce copious amounts of air to state it very simply. In a confined space, like a plastic soda drink bottle, put in baking soda, add a vinegar liquid (white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, wine – I don’t know if beer will work), cap the bottle and shake. The bottle will get hard. Throw it on the ground and it will make a loud popping noise and explode.

This is fun to do with the grandkids to expose them to chemical reactions and things that go boom, but shouldn’t cause harm.

From a self defense position, it might be handy to know to create a diversion with common household chemicals. I am not going to go into a household chemical bomb making course, just doesn’t interest me. However, if someone wants to explore this option and write about it, we will publish it on SCP as long as it is focussed on self defense.

Below are several videos I found on YouTube on baking soda bombs that I thought you might enjoy.

Go 3 minutes into it to see and hear the KABOOM!



Short & cute. If these kids can do it, so can you! LOL

Shows a technique of making the bomb and is graphic with what it did to the bottle!

 This could be fun to try. There are lots more videos out there on YouTube on this including making rockets, volcanoes, etc.

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