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I have been battling lower back pain for close to five years. No one has been able to help me. I have visited regular doctors, ortho doctors, and chiropractors. I have had some success with chiropractors.

Recently pain moved up my back to the middle on either side of my spine. The pain was terrible and forced me to cease my workouts and many regular activities like grocery shopping. One major thing on my mind was my ability to continue to prep and protect my family.

I visited another ortho doctor who sent me for another MRI. He gave me bad news. He said I had degenerative disc disease and that is what was causing my pain. I was devastated. This was a life altering event and to be honest the doctor acted like it was no big deal as he yawned telling me. I demanded that “something must be able to be done”. He said I would just have to live with it. I had already performed some of my own research and started asking him about acupuncture, massage, chiropractors, etc. He said that I could try a pain center.

They referred me to a pain center – appointment time a  month away. I called the office daily looking for cancelled appointment at any location and finally got one. I gt my appointment within a week.

I visited the pain center and met with the doctor. He was amazing. He reviewed my MRI and told it was normal. YES – normal. He showed me the official report where it stated that I did indeed have some degeneration but it was within normal limits for my age. He finished his examination and told me the reason for my most recent severe pain was muscle spasms.

Muscle spasms.

He told me he would fix me right up. All he needed to do is give me a trigger point injection. Basically a trigger point injection is a shot into a muscle that has a spasm and an anti-inflammatory is injected.

It was a miracle and it worked.

So – why am I telling you this? Many of you may have pain issues. Some have to truly live with it while others there may be a fix (or improvement). Keep looking. Get on the Internet and do the research. Visit multiple doctors. Check out a pain center or two.

Even at the height of the pain I tried not to become too discouraged. I just started to plan around it.

My original lower back pain still persists but it is minor in comparison to the recent agonizing pain I was feeling. Regular exercise and stretching helps a lot.

Take care all –



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