Back in the States Again – The Chronicles of Harold

The Chronicles of Harold

By Harold, Editor At Large

Back in the United States

Skunked Again

After getting back from my second tour of duty in Korea and coming home to a rejoyous reunion with my wife and son, I went to pick of my car that was stored at my parents’. My Dad had permitted my younger brother access to my car and he had stripped it of the battery, generator and voltage regulator. 

I would not even speak to him when I found this out and since there was a junk yard near the place my wife had been living, I had my brother-in-law drive us by there and bought a used generator, voltage regulator and good battery.  I picked up a new fan belt and the following day, my brother-in-law drove me back to my parents’  house to put the items on my car.  I accomplished this and had the car started and warming up, since the weather was so cold and I wanted to make sure I had enough antifreeze in the cooling system to provide protection. 

While waiting for the car to reach operating temperature, my Dad came down and said there was several other things he wanted me to do.  The car had reached operating temperature by then, so I just drove off with my brother-in-law following me as my Dad kept yelling at me.  I figured I owed no apology for the way I had been treated.  Since my wife’s apartment rent was due in another ten days or so, we opted to drive down to Ft Campbell early, find a place to stay and report in early.

Arrival at Ft Campbell

We drove down encountering a severe snow storm in Southern Illinois that kept with us nearly to Ft Campbell.  I was lucky in finding lodging with an old couple who ran a little store several miles from the post, when I stopped to buy a few items to make sandwiches with and inquired about housing in the area.  I told her I was just back from overseas and was on leave and wanted to find a place for my wife, son and her sister to stay while I went on out to post and reported in early. She said she had the apartment open in her house and I was welcome to it.  We agreed on a price and I paid half until I checked in at the post and got paid.

The next morning, I went to the post and the MP’s at the gate directed me to the group headquarters.  After reporting in, the group S3 decided that since the only opening they had coming up was one the person presently filling the slot was getting discharged in another forty five days, so they sent me over to the 27th Engineer Battalion where I reported in, processed, was paid up-to-date and then given the rest of the week off to settle in, since I would be living off post.  I took the car down and had it registered on post and then stopped by the commissary for some foodstuffs we would need before returning to the small apartment where we were living and finished paying the lady her money for the rent. 

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