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Preparedness Month: How to Reconnect with Your Family After a Disaster


Your family may not be together when a disaster happens. It is recommended to plan NOW – rather than wonder who will do what, where, and when later.

Some questions to ask and to make sure that you plan provides the answers:

  • How will family members g...
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Survival Supplies at the Dollar Store


I originally wrote this post over at It still holds true today – maybe even more so...

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Bewildered by Evil


Hello all -

Unless your living in a vacuum or a totally off grid home on the side of a mountain somewhere you are likely well aware of the state of the world right now. There has always been evil in the world since the serpent entered the Garden. In ...

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Spirituality: 2 of 8

new day

Spirituality: A deep sense of connectedness to God through being in touch with the land and with nature

by Harriet, Editor-At-Large

The church has usually promoted the way to God as being through scripture reading, attending services and private pray...

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2-way Hand Held Communication Primer


Below is a guest article from Justus at Centerfire Antenna. If you have an interest in HAM radio’s or 2 way communication – contact these guys – they know their stuff. This article was originally published at ModernSurvivalOnline...

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It’s September 11th – and we are not living in a safe world

September 11th, 2001 was a day that many of us will never forget. Unfortunately  I believe the vast majority of American’s in fact have forgotten – or maybe “dismissed” would be a better word...

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In case you missed it…..


This past Sunday’s Q&A post got quite a response. Thank You Everyone!!! I selected a few responses to republish to celebrate the pro-activeness of our readers preparedness mindset and being ready….”just in case”:

Granny C commented……

“Sounds like a...

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Video of the Week: Cheap Medical and Prepping Supplies! COSTCO Baby!

video of the week

Another featured video from YouTube. From preparedness to frugality, from gardening to self-reliance – YouTube has an enormous amount of information available.

Here is but a small piece we hope you find interesting, informative, and maybe even tho...

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Free Online Preparedness Training……


This was originally promoted over at ModernSurvivalOnline. I wanted to pass on some information on free preparedness training that can be taken online. This training is provided by the NC Center for Public Health Preparedness.

Topics for study includ...

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Share your knowledge


Hello folks – 

We are running very low on posts to I am putting the call out to all of you. If you have some special knowledge, thoughts, experiences which to share – please send them in...

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Building and Operating a Makeshift Wood Oven


The following article was originally published back in July of 2011 – it can be seen in its original form HERE. This is another examples of some of the best articles published over the past few years on ModernSurvivalOnline.   – – Rourke


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Earthquake Safety


The following post was originally published over at It can be seen HERE in its original format. ~Rourke

The recent earthquake in California wasn’t THE big one, but it was a big one...

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Storm Season: Prepare Your Business for a Hurricane


We like to pretend we are masters of our environment, but the simple truth is, even in this day of mechanical marvels and technological wonders, we are still at the whim of Mother Nature...

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10 Ridiculously Simply Ways to Save Money Everyday and Secure Your Financial Future

frugal spend save

You’ve heard it over and over. Stop splurging on clothes at the mall, stop eating out, and start sticking to your budget...

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Extreme Weather Season: Will Your Home Be Covered When the Storms Hit?


When a tornado, hurricane or other severe weather phenomenon is heading toward your town, the last thing you want to think about is whether or not you have the proper insurance coverage...

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Pandemic Supplies


The following article comes courtesy of Dr. Doom and Nurse Bloom. It can be seen in its original form HERE.  

The world is full of infectious diseases that have made the news in recent weeks...

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antibiotics, survival, preparedness, SHTF, TSHTF, disaster, prepper, medical supplies

by  Dr. Bones of The Doom and Bloom Hour with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy

Accumulating medications for a possible collapse may be simple when it comes to getting Ibuprofen and other non-prescription drugs...

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Hello all. We just added to our blogroll. If you are not familiar – is an emporium of survival and preparedness articles from all over the Internet – updated daily...

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Reminder: Vote for

Just a reminder……SCP is now listed over at and we would absolutely love it if you could take a moment and go over there and vote for this site. All sites listed are ranked based on voting from the readers...

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Bugging Out in Tree? Really?

wildlife observation point

The typical outdoorsman will simply take a trip to the local Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop, and purchase a tree stand to improve his hunting vantage points...

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RE: Coyote Attacks Dogs I Shoot With Glock 26

The following letter came in regarding the Video of the Week: Coyote Attacks Dogs I Shoot With Glock 26:
I grew up around farm people, both sets of my grandparents were on farms until they died...
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Common Heirloom / Open-Pollinated Seed List


Let’s do this again! This was originally published last year here on It can be seen HERE in its original format. ~Rourke

Common Heirloom / Open-Pollinated Seed List

by John Rourke

Without a doubt the most controversial a...

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Mountain House Freeze Dried foods….hmmmm,hmmmm, good


How many of you have tried freeze dried foods? Specifically – Mountain House brand? Over the past couple years I have been trying more and more of their offerings and have really been impressed. This month Emergency Essentials is having a huge sale o...

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Second round of planting


Over the past week I have been pulling up plants that have gone by and no longer producing in the garden, and started planting a second round. Living in South Carolina the climate affords a pretty long growing season...

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Survival Garden: How to Build an Affordable Underground Greenhouse


To prepare for a natural or man-made disaster, many survivalists are busy stocking up on shelf-stable food and water...

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