Are You A Closet Prepper?

Are You A Closet Prepper?

 By: Editor-At-Large  Suni


A few years ago I had an urgency to start prepping. Was it too much TV or was it my inner spirit telling me that something is coming? I had been watching “Doomsday Preppers” and just wasn’t sure, so I found it in my Bible and I began to work on food storage. (Note: I think this show portrays preppers in a bad light because we are not all nut jobs but they do have some good ideas.) I am of the belief that God does tell us when something is coming if we will only listen to him. Gen 41: 53-55 . I started doing research online and the more I did the more I have learned.
When I first started this journey my husband wasn’t on board, so I started to gather extra food here and there and I needed a way to explain it to him so that he would understand. I explained how the economy is in the tank, the overspending by the powers that be, the floods, the droughts, the fires and then The BIG earthquake in Japan * (Fukushima) happened with the melt down and the federal government wasn’t sure how much of the fall out the west coast of the US would get and lastly Hurricane Sandy. These are all reasons I have pointed out to him, not to mention what if he lost his job? I said if we stocked up on food at the very least we won’t starve. He has slowly turned to my point of view and now we have a good start on our preps. My kids think I have gone over the deep end but that’s OK  because I am also prepping for them for a total 13 people.  Do I think we will ever be finished? I doubt it. All I know for sure is that as long as I feel the unction we will continue to prepare. If you have someone that you are having a hard time convincing maybe this will give you a few ideas. 
What is your story? Why did you start “prepping”? How long are you “preparing for?” Would love to hear your story.
*The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory have published the findings of an experiment recently conducted to measure the impact of last year’s nuclear disaster and the results are eye-opening to say the least. By simulating the spreading of contaminated ocean waters and seeing how currents could carry them across the Pacific from Japan to the US, scientists believe that the worst might be still on the way. The paper itself reads, “After 10 years the concentrations become nearly homogeneous over the whole Pacific, with higher values in the east, extending along the North American coast with a maximum (~1 × 10-4) off Baja California.”

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