An Illegal Immigration Solution

By Beverly Sandlin

I wrote this after considerable contemplation of this post:

Illegal immigration on our southern border is on the news almost daily and a frustration for most members of the preparedness movement.  So I thought I would throw my two cents in on this issue. Please feel free to comment with YOUR ideas or write me a post and send it to me at bcfossillady at gmail dot com!

We can secure the border between North and South Korea, but we can’t secure our own border? We can’t blame any one political party, because the border problem has been going on for generations – yes, even through the Reagan and Bush administrations which were back to back Republican.

We have a standing army and bases throughout the United States. Why not move some of our military bases to the borders of our country – both south and north – to secure our borders in this ever increasingly dangerous world?

We may not be able to afford a huge concrete fence, but a quarter mile wide of coiled barbed wire should deter a lot of the tunneling and no one will walk through it! And how about all of those drones we seem to have?

Military bases are big business to the states they are located in. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, as an elected official, you will fight losing a military base in your state. But what about the good of the country?

How about closing a few bases on foreign soil, putting up bases along the borders and bringing our servicemen and women home? Boost to the economies of the border states, more security, and or sons and daughters are safer at home.

It is costing our beloved country too much to deal with processing, housing (And what about creating illegals holding camps instead of integrating them into communities?), and exporting illegals. Perhaps it is time to take some real action on this issue!


And by the way, WHY do we have immigration laws that are NOT being enforced? ALL illegals should be treated in the same way and deported. If you are here illegally you can’t get a driver’s license, food stamps, welfare, or schooling for illegal children.



And FYI, our laws on ILLEGAL immigration were not enforced by the last 8 year Bush administration either. And this is why SCP is non-political! The politicians on either side are NOT enforcing our Nation’s laws!

Please put this, or your ideas, into your own words and send it onto your Congressperson, the Congressional representatives and senators, and the governors of the border states.

You do have YOUR Congressperson’s email right?

You are voicing your opinions, right?

If not, you are part of the problem and not part of the solution –





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