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Over the past couple of years more and more of my purchases have been occurring online. As the economy continues to struggle, gas and food prices go up, while my wages have not – I have looked to save money every which way possible. Beyond shopping sales, buying in bulk, and using coupons – online shopping has enabled me to purchase a large variety of items cheaper while at the same time saving money.

One of my main online resources has been If you are not familiar with Amazon – it is basically a one-stop shop for pretty much whatever you might be looking for. Wanna by toilet paper? They have it. Vacuum cleaner bags? Yup. Nice lock-blade folding knife? No problem. Point is has pretty much anything you might be looking for AND generally at great prices.

Prior to heading over there and spending your hard earned money – there are a few things you should know:

  • All products sold on Amazon are NOT necessarily shipped by Amazon. Most items are – but not all. This is important as non-Amazon orders from my experience ship slower, have higher shipping costs, and are more difficult to return. Thus – I almost exclusively purchase only Amazon shipped items. How do you tell? Under the price it will say “Ships from and sold by”.
  • Most orders totaling over $25 receive FREE SHIPPING. The majority of items sold on Amazon are sold and shipped from Amazon themselves. Those items – if the total comes to $25.00 or more – will ship free of charge. Something to consider when you are shopping online, or at your local store – and determining the best price. Understand that if you have to drive 30 miles to go by this new tacti-cool knife you just have to have – you just spent likely at least $6.00 in gas to do it. Free shipping is very important to me.


  • PRIME Membership has its benefits. I am not going to get into a tremendous amount of detail here. You can go to this link for more information. Amazon offers a special membership which costs $79.00 per year. With it you get free 2-day shipping on MOST items. In addition to that – there is a large amount of TV shows and movies that are available to watch for FREE if you are a member. For me it’s worth it – for you, well, maybe….maybe not.


  • Prices on Amazon change all the time. This can be a positive and a negative. I am not sure what drives the changes but Item X might be $9.99 in the morning and then in the evening be found for $12.50. The reverse happens as well. So – keep this in mind. If you see a price go up – it will usually drop back down within a day or three.


  • Amazon has a WISH LIST. I really like this feature. I browse around looking as various things and if I see something I think I may want, or come back to – I click a button that says “Add to Wish List” . At any time I can view my Wish List and order items I want or delete them, or just let them sit. It is a great tool.
  • Reviews – Another big benefit on Amazon are the reviews on items bu people that have made purchases. If you are considering purchasing a set of awesome flugalbinders – well, visit Amazon and read the reviews from those that have purchased the same item. Very useful to see what others have thought about it. May save you from a bad purchase.


I order from Amazon on a monthly basis… least. I order knives, backpacks, pouches, firearm accessories, video games, bread makers, blenders, GPS systems… name it and Amazon has it.

So – I recommend Amazon to my friends, families, and of course to all of you.

In an effort towards full disclosure – if you click on a link on this website which takes you to Amazon and you make a purchase, we here at SCP (Bev and I) receive a small percentage of the total. Believe me – it’s small. In fact – in November this site received a tad over $8.00. Hey – it’s better than nothing and went toward paying hosting fees. 

We have this Amazon affiliate and would appreciate your support.  ANY purchases you make on Amazon, please visit here first, click on an Amazon link (see side bar on this site), and then make your purchase. There is no additional cost to you and you will be helping support our efforts.

Happy Shopping!!!

 – Rourke


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