All Around the Web News…….

All Around the Web News

By: Editor at Large Suni



Communist Party Calls for “Street Heat” to Push for Amnesty WND


Black Mob Attack On Elderly White Halted WND


Rubio”I’ll NEVER Support Amnesty” WND Video


Real Agenda of ACLU Exposed at Last WND


Cruz Blasts Obama Admin’s Attempts to Expand Federal Power Freedom OutPost


Gun Registry Has Already Started

Conservative Byte


Jane Fonda tells Veterans Boycotting Her Film “Get A Life” Fox News


IRS Can Snoop on Emails, Internal Documents Show Fox News


Florida School Dist. On Assignment to “Give Up Some of My Constitutional Rights” Assignment The Blaze


Abortion-Infanticide Orgy Spiked by Media WND Warning Graphic Article


Boehner: I don’t Need GOP To Pass Gun Law…… BreitBart News


Evangelicals Could Be Put on Watch List, Denied Guns WND


Medicare Hike in Obama Budget Could Hit Some in Middle Class Fox News 


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