All Around the Web News plus Video of the week…….

All Around the Web News

By: Editor at Large Suni



New Slides Reveal Greater Detail about Prism Data Collection C/NET


White House Requests 15,000 Troops for “Upcoming Disaster” EU


Revealed: Irans Secret Nuke Deal With China, N Korea WND


Vet Slams Legislators Freedom Outpost Video


Obama Appointtee Claims Sharia Law is Superior to American Law USDL


This Weeks Supreme Count Ruling You Did NOT Hear About Capital Hill Daily


Boarder Patrol Wants Armed Drones;_ylt=AwrNUWyQPtNR5gYACgD_wgt.


Senators Ask if NSA Collected GUN Data Free Beacon


Army to Cut a Dozen Brigades in Huge Restructing


What to do when YOU are pulled over:Don’t surrender your Rights Conservative Video


Florida Prosecutor Indicted for Falsifying Zimmerman’s Arrest Warrant Freedom Outpost


Military Coup in Egypt Fox News Video


Muslium Brotherhhod Down…But is It Out? Investigative


Egyptian Coup Uncovers Anti-Obama Sentiment WND Video


How the Tea Party Can Save America: A Plea from New Zealand Trevor


Saudi Arabia Congratulates New Egyptian Ruler, West Concerned Israel National


Devastation Left by Firestorm that Killed 19 Firefighters PHOTOS Daily Mail


7 Severed Heads Found Along Mexican Highway Daily Mail


UN Ambassador-Nominee Threat to America’s Sovereignty CNS News

FCC Flooded with Objections to More Swearing and Nudity on TV The Hill


White House Gives Homeland Security Control of ALL Comunication Systems RT


US Border is NOW Considered A “Constitution-Free Zone” Red Flag News


Obama’s Birth Certificate 100% Forgery NO DOUBT World Tribune


National Guard to be Furloughed


Secret Move Keeps Bin Laden Records in the Shadows


Gun Seizures Trigger Fear of Massive Police Power WND


 Video of the Week


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