All Around the Web News…….

All Around the Web News

By: Editor at Large Suni



Documents Reveal NSA Reads Your Internet Chats, How to Avoid Being Spied on Story Leak


Troops Targeted By NSA for Anti-Obama Views WND


Putin Tells US to Follow the Law Godfather Politics


Maxine Waters Raves About Obama’s EPIC Database WND


HOW UN Treaty Theatens US Gun Rights WND


DHS Confirms Cheaper to Deport Every Illegal Than Allowing Them to Stay Examiner


Obama’s NSA Snooping EXCLUDES Mosques Fire Andrea Mitchell Blog


Sanity Prevails: Supreme Court Rules Human Genes ARE NOT Eligible for Patent Protection Natural News


Special Forces Were ONLY Hours From Benghazi WND


FEDS Want Your Mental Health Records WND


NSA Source Believes Exposre, Consequence Inevitable The Washington Post


Represinative Tray Gowdy (S. Carolina) Questioning on Immigration and Border Security C-Span


IRS, NSA and Comprehensive Reform All Tie in Together? Red State


Obama Administration Considers Resettling THOUSANDS of Syrian’s IN USA


Here is the $2 Billion Facility Where NSA Will Store and Analyze Your Communications Business Insider


Russia Finalizes Testing Prototype ICBM Missle RT



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