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By: Editor at Large Suni

  • POTUS Sued for “Illegal” Obamacare Move WND

  • “Greatest Generation” Storm Washington Conservative Byte

  • Dodd-Frank Gives FDIC Authority to Skim Accounts FOR “Bail-In” WND 

  • Israel Tells World We WILL Stand Alone if Needed   Breaking Israel News  

  • NIH Offering Grants to Study Palliative Care for the Elderly CNS

  • Global Slaughter of Christians and American Churches Stay Silent Daily Beast 

  • Iran’s Cyber Chief Killed in Internal Dispute Times of Israel 

  • AZ State Offers to Keep Grand Canyon Open, Federal Government Says “NO” PJ Media 

  • POTUS Opens Muslim Museum Amid Government Shutdown National Report

  • Insect Based Flour to Feed Malnourished Populations Natural News 

  • Border Patrol Union VP Says Fed’s Are Cooking Books On Illegal Immigration BreitBart 

  • Ranger Reveals Shutdown Orders WND 

  • POTUS Threatens Social Security Recipients Freedom Outpost 

  • List of Wavering Republicans GOA 

  • Huge Hornets In China Now In US and Attacking People The Truth 

  • US Spent Nearly 5 Million on Hasan Trial Jihad Watch 

House Will NOT Pass Bill to Reopen Government until POTUS Agrees to Negotiate McClatchy DC

  • Updated List of Sites Shut Down by POTUS to Inflict Public Pain Breitbart 

  • Could Prepping Become Illegal in US? Freedom Outpost

  • What a Shutdown Means in Billions of Dollars Spent in TWO Days CNS


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