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By: Editor at Large Suni

IRS Official, Forced to Retire Due to “Neglect of Duties” Washington Times 

Military Now “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” for Christians Liberty Alliance

POTUS Waives Law; Arms Al-Qaeda Eagle Rising  

CAIR: Money Laundering Out of US Capital Freedom Outpost  

Quake Kills 45 in Pakistan, Creates New Island In Sea RT

Bill O’Reilly: The World Failing to Confront the True Nature of Terrorism Fox News

Lois Lerner’s Lawyers Negotiating For Immunity Daily Caller

Russia, China Hold Large-Scale War Games Washington Free Beacon

Boehner to POTUS: We’ll Tie “Important Spending Cuts to Debt Limit Increase” CNS  

POTUS Administration Signs United Nations Arms Treaty NRA-ILA

$67 Million Missing From Obamacare Slush Fund Americans for Tax Reform

Government Stealing From Bank Accounts WND 

Common Core Part of Mao and Lenin Handbooks Daily Rant

Wendy Davis Tells Democrats She Will Run For Texas Governor Politico

Americans Warned: Bails In’s Coming WND

DHS Adviser to Persecuted Christians: YOU Incited Muslims WND

Iran Hacks US Navy Computers Jihad Watch

FBI Has Mole Problem WND

Truckers to Roar Into DC WND

NEW US Mayor Sets Sights on “Black Nation” Conservative Byte

Israel Arrests Iranian for Espionage; Was Photographing US Embassy Jihad Watch

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