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All Around the Web News

By: Editor at Large Suni




7 pm to 8 pm EDT this Sunday.
A preparedness and homesteading chat is scheduled this Sunday. Rourke, Bev, servantheart,  and many of our Editors At Large will be in attendance. There will be over 500 years of combined preparedness and homesteading knowledge to answer your questions and say “Hi!”
We would appreciate help spreading the word around to preparedness forums………
In order to participate in the chat – follow the instructions HERE in order to register for both the chat session and our forum. You should see the chat bar in the lower right-hand corner of your computer screen.
…….and now the news:

IRAN: Armageddon at Hand, Prepare for WAR WND


Treasury Debt Has NOT Moved in Over 70 days? CNS News


History Textbook Bias FOX News Video


Devious Election Plot BYPASSES Constitution WND.


Horror of Houston Abortion Clinic CBN


Game Show Gives Abandoned Babies As PRIZES NEWSMAX


Administration To Create Nudge Squad To Shape Americans Behavior Breitbart


Border Security: US Ranchers Warning on Immigration Reform BBC Video


Illegal Convicted of CHILD PORN Might NOT Be Deported Due To Immigration Reform Breitbart


Mexican Cartels Hiring US Soldiers As HIT MEN Fox News


CBC Recommends Sheila Jackson Less For Homeland Security Post Washington Times


US Embassies to Close in Muslim Countries Amid Specific Threats Washington Times


Ft. Hood Suspect Renounces US Citizenship Military .com


CNN Confirms Reporting On Gun-Running in Benghazi WND


Benghazi Witnesses Forced Into Silence? FOX News


Council on Foreign Relations Pushes Executive Gun Controls NRA-ILA


Obama Releases Taliban From Gitmo Breitbart News


US Army Foresees Robots Becoming Squad Members Computer World



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