All around he web news…..

All Around the Web News

By: Editor at Large Suni


Pentagon Unilaterally Grants Itself Authority Over “Civil Disturbances” Long Island Press

DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE -  Government Website


Foreign Vote-Counting Firm Expands U.S. Reach WND


The IRS and the Smoking GUN? The American Spectator


US Apologizes to Israel for Leaking Information to Syria Israel National


Shelters and Why Don’t We Build Them Anymore? Natural


Oklahoma Guard Called Up for Tornado Rescue Efforts Military


AP: Says Sources Dry Up Over Government Threat WND


Ft. Hood Shooter Paid $278,000 While Awaiting Trial NBCDFW.COM


Diplomats Report New Benghazi Whistleblowers with Info. PJ Media


Benghazi Scapegoat Speaks Out The Daily Beast


Christian Street Preacher Arrested 3 Times in Houston, TX Thomas More Law Center


Is This Why US Was Attacked in Benghazi? WND


DHS ON Spending Spree Fox News


IRS: Your Emails Are Ours WND


Is Now the Time to Pull Out of the Stock Market? WND Money


Boy Scout Leaders Remove Ban On Gay’s WND



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