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  • jen  says:

    We are ready to get pricing on putting a small business card size add on your site or smaller.
    We are an emergency food supply company specializing in 25 yr. shelf life gourmet ready to eat meals.
    Can you send us over pricing on month to month rates and how fast you can get us on your web page?

    Have A Fantastic Day!

    Jenny T.

  • Vi Diamond  says:

    My name is Vi Diamond and I am with a company called Ready Man.  We are a group of preppers  and former green berets and navy seals that have all put our heads together to come out with survival and preparedness information based on our real world experience and put it in an entertaining training format.  We also make products with survivability in mind and just want to help average citizens be prepared for whatever scenario may head there way.  Our website is
    I’m contacting you in regards to ad space and what your rates are.  We would love to have some of our ads posting with you.  Please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.


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