Absence…..and changes with SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com


Hello all –

My apologies for my absence. Like many others sometimes “stuff happens” in life and things get busy.

Well, I am back and re-energized to improve SeasonedCitizenPrepper and provide a resource that older preppers can visit, learn, share, and even laugh once in a while.

You will see some changes going on over the next few weeks. There will be new pages showing up with a multitude of resources such as lists, places to find preparedness supplies without spending a fortune, and some helpful general information for beginners.


Posting frequency should start increasing. Some days there will be informational articles, other days funny pictures, on others possibly video’s and news. Who knows? It will be a mix of preparedness related information that hopefully you will find interesting.

I wont be the only one working here in the Halls of the Seasoned Citizen Prepper College. Several of “Rourke’s Patriots” from ModernSurvivalOnline have stepped forward and volunteered to share there thoughts and knowledge. I really appreciate that.

The actual layout and appearance of this site is even going to change in an effort to improve the usability. Hope you like it.

If you have a few moments I would appreciate it if you could let me know what you’d like to get from this site. Your thoughts are very valuable, as to be honest – I made this site for you.

There are many, many older preppers out there that all have unique experiences, skill sets, challenges, and situations to deal with. Hopefully we can all work together to be a  resource to help each other.

– Rourke



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