A Tip From Harold……

Life’s Lessons Learned
By Harold, Editor-At-Large
I was given a set of 12 volt battery operated tools that were good quality. The portable circular saw was big enough to be useful. Being a disabled senior citizen that appreciates power tools, I was given them because of the expense of a new battery.
I simply removed the battery engaging plates and wired in a small two prong cannon connector and made myself a long cord with the matching connector on one end and alligator clips on the other end.
In my garage I had at that time a pair of group 29 batteries that were kept charged by a couple of small solar panels and a little wind charger, and I could also boost them with home ac if I wanted. One of the grandsons now has it and he uses it quite frequently. He says as long as the car is near he prefers it to stringing out long drop cords for the ac tools.
From Rourke: What a great idea!!

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