A Survival Story: Visit to Hwy 72

A_Survival_Story_CoverWhat follows is just one part of an ongoing survival fiction series written by John Rourke and has been published on Amazon. It is being made available here for free. A new entry is published every day. The story is written in a daily journal format.



August 26th   Visit to Hwy 72…..

The neighborhood had its first Church service this morning. Joel organized the service at the model house. A lot of people showed up and it went well. I think if Joel keeps these services going it will do a lot to build the closeness of the neighborhood where it needs to be.


Joel, Ryan, Kenny and I drove down Hwy 72 this afternoon. We met with Phil and Lisa. Amazingly – although it was not easy to find – we just drove in the front entrance.  No guards or patrols. A couple other families came walking to greet us shaking hands and hugging us. Ryan and I looked at each other and we both could tell we were getting a little creeped out. At that point Joel stepped out of the Jeep and there was a sudden, awkward pause in the greetings – just for a brief but obvious moment.

Phil led us to an old red barn where we met up with three other men. There names were John, Josh, and Rick. As we walked around I saw chickens roaming in a small pen, a few cows inside a fence-line, and a few goats. Inside the barn there were horse stalls and a some horses. Phil and the other men from Hwy 72 said they were glad to meet us and hoped we could come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. They went on to explain that although they have had limited run-ins with trespassers – they are worried and concerned. During their discussions one of them made the statement – “We know there has been a lot of violence and break ins, especially by some of those ni….. err….. people.”

Ryan looked at me and I spoke up. I told them I was going to lay the cards on the table and asked what was going on. A couple of them looked at Joel – who happens to be black. I demanded to know why they were looking at Joel. Phil spoke up and said to please excuse their manners – that they were not used to being around……..”their” kind. I told all of them the meeting was over and that we were not going to help or conduct business with racists. Ryan agreed, as well as Kenny – and we turned to head out of the barn.

I made myself very aware of the location of my M&P9 pistol on my hip. We walked out of the barn and got in the Jeep and left. Before we left I told Phil we had nothing else to say and to stay away from us. Phil said nothing but had a look of anger.

I was so disappointed. I really wanted this to work out as they could have benefited us so much. I wonder what the neighborhoods reaction will be as I think some hopes were high.

– Jed




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