A Survival Story: Trip to Walnut Street and M’s surprise

A_Survival_Story_CoverWhat follows is just one part of an ongoing survival fiction series written by John Rourke and has been published on Amazon. It is being made available here for free. A new entry is published every day. The story is written in a daily journal format.



August 10th   Trip to Walnut Street and M’s surprise…..

I borrowed a trailer from one of the neighbors and pulled it over to Karl’s place. I had a couple empty 55 gallon drums that held some kind of floor wax at one time as well as a boat-load of 5 gallon buckets and tops. Made a couple trips filling everything up with well water. The 55 gallon drums had been washed out previously with Simple Green and rinsed several times before the event. Likely will not use the water for drinking – at least not yet.

While at Karl’s I discussed several of the things we have done in the neighborhood as well as much of the news that has been heard. Turns out that the Walnut Street people have few firearms – couple shotguns, some .22LR’s, and a few pistols. Karl himself has a Ruger 10/22 with a partial box of ammo and one 10-round magazine. Discussed some ideas for security – setting up patrols and such. Also talked about communication. They have a couple walkie-talkies from the trip yesterday as well as a few FRS/GMRS handhelds. Most of the folks still had some fuel in their vehicles. Karl said they were scared to venture out much. I told him about our building battery banks and setting up charging stations. He is going to ask his neighbors to see if anyone has the skills to duplicate our efforts.

Told Karl I would be back in a couple days for some more water and if he needed help with the battery banks I would be glad to help.

This evening I gave my surprise from yesterday to M. We ate dinner – outside by candlelight like usual.  Glad I stocked up on OFF bug spray. Dinner was beef stew over rice. Getting tired of it but still good. Anyways, after dinner I told M I had a surprise for her. Tried to get her to guess – kinda fun. Went inside and brought out a small box. She opened it……. “chocolate!!!”.

I had found a few Hershey bars. She hugged me and immediately scoffed one down. Amazing how she appreciated something that just a couple months ago she wouldn’t have given a second thought.

Overall – good day.

 – Jed


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