A Survival Story: Successful hunting trip

A_Survival_Story_CoverWhat follows is just one part of an ongoing survival fiction series written by John Rourke and has been published on Amazon. It is being made available here for free. A new entry is published every day. The story is written in a daily journal format.



August 22nd   Successful hunting trip…..

This morning one of my neighbors – Kenny –  came around and said he was heading out to do some hunting. Hunting is something that we have been doing – but mostly unsuccessful. There are not nearly as many squirrels and rabbits around as there used to be. Kenny said he knew of an area that he hunted with some friends – fairly remote. 

Kenny showed me on a map where the hunting area was. Looks to be approx 14 miles south towards Chester – risky. We talked about it for a bit and decided to go. I packed up some food and water to take along and we took the Jeep. Not the best tool for the job, I decided to use my Stag Arms M4 5.56mm carbine. Reason is nowadays you just never know what…or who you will run into when in the woods. I want the firepower of the Stag…..just in case.


Bill decided to come along as well. We all had Midland FRS/GMRS radio’s. We arrived to the woods at 7:30am. I pulled the Jeep into the trees – about 20 yards off the road. We walked in and decided to split up to cover more area. Kenny had some scent cover and we all used it.

I took the northern direction and walked for close to 1/2 mile. I came across a ridge that overlooked a small ravine between two hills. Decided to sit atop the ridge and just watch.  I hate doing nothing. I started thinking about all the things that have happened in the past several weeks. The reunion, The Event, traveling back home from Athens with M, getting the neighborhood together, Mark’s death. I had always tried to prepare for something like this but as I look back on it now….I was not even close to being prepared. Now M is living with me….we are a couple again. Eric is moving in with Pam. M and I have two “adopted” kids with Aaron and Caleb. All of this in just the last several weeks.

At that point I heard a shot from the East. Must be Kenny. I watched and listened. Within a minute or so 5 deer came running over the opposite hill and down toward the valley. I could not immediately tell doe from buck. I raised the Stag M4 up and placed the red dot from my Vortex Strikefire on the first deer. I squeezed the trigger and immediately targeted another. I shot again and moved the dot to another deer. They were about to go around a bend and disappear into cover when I decided to let loose. I placed the red dot on fur and started cranking out shots.

I’m glad I brought the M4 and not my Winchester .30-30.

When I looked back to where I first started shooting I saw one small deer laying down at the bottom of the ravine. My heart jumped with excitement. I ran down to the path the deer were running and saw blood. I followed it around the bend where they ran to and there was another deer – this one a buck – laying dead. Two deer!! I could believe it.

I radioed Kenny and Bill. The first shot I heard – Kenny got a doe as well. Three deer in one day. Awesome!!

We arrived back home around 3:00pm. A couple people in the neighborhood, including Kenny, knew how to butcher the deer. Once the meat was obtained – Bill, Kenny and I decided to have a community cook out. We had all this meat and no way to refrigerate it long term. M, Aaron and Caleb walked the neighborhood and notified everyone. At 8:30pm we were grilling out. People arrived to the smell of venison cooking on a pair of propane grills (one mine, the other Bill’s – I let him use one of my tanks). M and I ground up some of the wheat I had stored away and made several loaves of bread. We split all the meat up with people in the neighborhood. Much of it went into stews to spread the flavor as far as we could. Canned vegetables help complete the stew. Everyone got a some – and Bill, Kenny and I each got a piece of steak for our efforts. A few bottles of wine came out and was shared as well.

Tonight was the first time I have seen many of these people not just smile….but laugh. It was really a great time and for a few moments many of us forgot about the changes that our lives have been through.

 – Jed


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