A Survival Story Special Offer!

Several of you have asked me about contributing to Rourke’s A Survival Story. I will even help you, edit your work, and put it in the comments myself if you like. With that in mind, Rourke is making this offer…

IF someone contributes at least six times in a significant way to the story – Meaning that you can’t just say, “I’m the character X and this is my part in the story” 6 times. It has to be real creative writing filling out or creating a character that is part of the story. : ) At the end, he will give you a PDF copy of the story as we have written it on SCP! How wonderful is that! Your writing in a real book!

We are currently at July 22nd in the story, it goes to Sept. 12th I believe. Please contact Bev at bcfossillady at gmail dot com for tips and hints on creating a character in the story or if you want to bounce ideas off me.

I honestly think that together we can create a really great story!

Bev :-D

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