A Survival Story: Shocking news from the South…….

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July 23rd   Shocking news from the South…….

Bill came over early this morning after the sun came up. He heard news last night on the scanner and had to get it out. Mexico was left untouched by  The Event – for the most part. Between the drug cartels loosing business due to the lack of money flowing in from the United States and the overall drop in the Mexican economy for the same reason – Texas and New Mexico have been invaded.  By whom? Not entirely sure. Appears to be a combination of Mexican military and drug cartels.

Bill said that US citizens – especially in Texas – are putting up a heck of a fight. Violence is horrible and causalities are high – on both sides. Who would have ever thought we would be invaded by Mexico? There are minimal US military forces available and from what Bill said a small segment that is currently overseas dealing with that conflict are heading to assist in Texas and New Mexico. We both mentioned the planes we saw and figured that they may have been heading to the area.

It’s been a little over 3 weeks since The Event – so much has changed. I wish I could go back in time. Preparedness would have been a much larger priority. So many things I would have stocked up on – here are a few:

  • Night Vision – super expensive but would be so useful now.
  • Kerosene – I have a kerosene heater and about 15 gallons of fuel. We are going to need more this winter.
  • Candles – I have stocked up many tea lights, votives, and other candles. Can’t have too many.
  • Batteries – I have a lot but could have used more. Luckily I have rechargeable ones I can charge with my small solar panel.
  • Food – never enough food.
  • Water Filters – I would have stocked up on more filter cartridges to build more gravity drip filter units.
  • Tools – we can’t have enough tools especially axes, saws, hammers and nails and screws.
  • Toilet Paper – can never have enough TP.
  • Morale Boosters – I should have stocked up on more hard candies, gum, and some chocolate.

The scouting trip was delayed until tomorrow. Everyone involved wanted to discuss exactly what kinds of things were needed, make a list, and go to those places most likely to find the stuff. Good to have a plan.

Actually had an LED flashlight stop working today. Never had that happen before. Looks like some kind of short in the lamp. Glad I have lots more.

 – Jed



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