A Survival Story: News from the outside…….

A_Survival_Story_CoverWhat follows is just one part of an ongoing survival fiction series written by John Rourke and has been published on Amazon. It is being made available here for free. A new entry is published every day. The story is written in a daily journal format.



 July 8th   News from the outside…….

Due to the crime, and no reason really to go anywhere plus needing to conserve gas – I haven’t left the neighborhood in over a week. From what I hear a couple people from the neighborhood have ventured out and never returned. I took the Jeep along with Bill  – the correctional officer and fellow Security Team member – for a short jaunt. So strange and terrifying as well. There were literally no cars on the road and saw very few people walking around. We saw several bodies lying in yards and on the streets baking in the sun. We drove up next to one and the stench almost made me puke let alone the open cavity in the back of this poor souls head. No doubt violence is taking over.

Stores were closed – all of them. Every storefront we drove past had all the windows broken out. No gas – no stores – no vehicles. It was like a movie where everyone just disappears. The extreme heat of the southern sun as well as the danger is likely keeping people indoors. Temperature reached 102 today.

Just in case of trouble Bill had a Mossberg 500 with a Choate pistol grip stock at the ready. 00-Buck filled the tube and the chamber. Between the seats my Stag M4 sat. I was wearing a Maxpedition Mini Tactical Vest stuffed with three 30-rd Magpul magazines. My M&P 9mm pistol sat in a holster which I mounted under the steering column.

We ran across a guy walking down the main street – looked out of place. We watched him for awhile and decided to approach. We pulled up and he jumped and started to run. We yelled to him that it was OK and he slowed down and looked at us. Bill stuck a bottle of water and a jar of peanut butter out the window of the Jeep. He walked over – Bill had his left fist wrapped around the grip of his Mossberg. The guy – his name was…..yup, you guessed it….“Guy”. We asked what was going on and where everyone was. He replied that a lot of his neighbors left. He went on to say that many went to stay with relatives that lived in the country. He also said that he knew of some that killed themselves – and others that were victims of criminals….. permanently. He said that in the bad sections of town mass murders happened as those not unfamiliar with breaking the law started taking what they needed. Guy continued that groups of young immoral men would bust into a house and kill a whole family – expect for the young girls. They would take any supplies they found as well as the girls. He didn’t need to tell us what the girls were for.  He also said he has not seen a police car in days. We wished him luck, gave him the water and peanut butter, and drove on.

The ride home Bill and I didn’t say a word to each other. We didn’t need to. We drove down the road….angry.

Bill and I returned and got with the rest of the Security Team and informed them about the trip. We are certainly not alone but from the drive we gathered that most everyone that is still around is staying inside – and that security has got to become the primary focus of the community.

There are very few radio stations broadcasting. Tonight we were able to pick up some additional information from stations we have not been able to get before.

  • 12 seems to be the correct number of nuclear weapons that went off across the United States.

– Boston

– Chicago

– Denver

– Washington, DC

– Baltimore

– Norfolk

– San Diego

– San Francisco

– Houston

– Indianapolis

– Miami

– Philadelphia

  • Numerous other targets were hit with chemical/biological weapons.
  • As soon as the attack occurred all domestic nuclear power plants went into shutdown mode – preventing additional disaster.
  • Several dam’s were hit and flood water released killing countless thousands.
  • A few major electrical plants were also destroyed.
  • England apparently was also attacked.
  • The state of the population is extremely desperate.
  • The government has been rendered powerless. Mostly state governments are making the minimal efforts. People are pretty much on their own.
  • Just as we lost the station we heard something about US military at war overseas – but with who?

Details remain pretty sketchy. One question everyone is wondering is who is responsible. I certainly would like to know but it will not change the situation. If we are going to make it this community has to work together as a team.

It’s been one week since The Event. I am going to try to get EVERYONE in the neighborhood together tomorrow to see exactly where we are at with our efforts.

 – Jed

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