A Survival Story: Neighbors gone.….

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July 29th   Neighbors gone.….

M and I walked the community today and knocked on doors. 20 homes in addition to the 12 that were empty prior to The Event are now vacant. Over the past couple weeks a couple of families have packed up their vehicles and headed for relatives. Biggest reason was they were running out of food.

32 homes vacant. I think that the time has come that these homes are searched for food and other supplies. Many households are getting desperate – even with rationing. Most households just never prepared for anything like this. I will talk to Ryan and Bill – as well as a few others about how to go about searching the empty houses. I think supplies found should be equally distributed to others with a request that those worse off get a little more.

One of those empty homes belongs to my neighbors – Thomas and Charlene. They took off within a couple days as Thomas had relatives down in Chester in the country. He used to talk to me about growing up on a farm and hunting year round for animals. Most of what he hunted wasn’t anything I would call food. Gotta pass on the possum. He did give me my first try of wild pig. It was awesome.

M suggested that someone should write down what is taken from each house in case anyone comes back home.

I suspect dividing everything up will not be easy. The neighborhood has come together so well I would hate for fights to break out over who deserves more than someone else. It may be unavoidable.

– Jed

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