A Survival Story: Looting, stealing, or survival?

A_Survival_Story_CoverWhat follows is just one part of an ongoing survival fiction series written by John Rourke and has been published on Amazon. It is being made available here for free. A new entry is published every day. The story is written in a daily journal format.



July 24th   Looting, stealing, or survival?

Bill, Neil, Eric and I went out today looking for supplies.

We have a list of items we are looking for:

    • any tools that can be used for gardening
    • any kind of communication tools – walkie-talkies, CB’s, etc.
    • seeds for gardens
    • toilet paper
    • food and water (of course)
    • hunting/utility knives
    • trash bags
    • sanitation supplies – soap, body wash, shampoo
    • first aid/medical stuff
    • rope, string
    • fishing supplies
    • gardening soil/fertilizer/Round Up


We decided to go to 3 different businesses depending upon time and how the area’s looked. 

First – we went to a local golf course approx 3-4 miles from us called Pine Tuck. Why? We figured they must have some fertilizer there and if no one else had thought of it they likely would have a lot of it.

It took us about 10 minutes to get over there. We did see a few people tending to their homes and gardens. Interesting. You might have thought it was a day like any other day except there were people walking around with guns near the homes – like guards. When we arrived to Pine Tuck the clubhouse had been ransacked. No food or water. We managed to find the greens keepers shed and like we thought – found a bunch of fertilizer. Stuff was in powder form and must be applied as a liquid when mixed with water. High in nitrogen. We found some rakes and shovels as well as some riding lawnmowers. Surprisingly we were able to siphon gas out of all the mowers – no gas found anywhere else.

Next we headed 6 miles away to a local plastics manufacturer. They made some kind of packaging product. Not very many actual manufacturers around to choose from. We hit the jackpot there. Though it was obvious the place had been picked through before.  I guess people were looking for something different. We found the Maintenance Managers office and pried a filing cabinet open that was locked and found a bunch of batteries, a few sets of industrial walkie-talkies, duct tape, flashlights, rope, some chain, a few tools, and some work gloves. We also managed to find a few wall-mounted first aid kits. Good stuff.

Lastly – we headed to a small country store just outside of town called “Wilson’s”. Much to our surprise when we approached there were people walking around out front  – and on the roof. The folks on the roof were armed and looked to be keeping order and security for the store. We all discussed what we would do and decided to approach and check it out. We pulled up and Neil and I went in while Bill sat behind the wheel of the Jeep and M in the back seat. The owners – Jake and Nancy Wilson, still had their business going and were selling and trading based on a barter system. Wilson’s had a bunch of stuff  – but nothing that we really needed, at least not right now. We said a friendly hello and wished them a good day.

Overall it was a good trip and we are likely to make more trips in the future. I was glad that Neil was becoming more a part of the team. He’s not so bad.

One thing that someone asked – Are we now looters? Are we stealing from these places?

My response and opinion is we are surviving.

 – Jed


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