A Survival Story: Is the “trigger” about to be pulled?

What follows is just one part of an ongoing survival fiction series written by John Rourke and has been published on Amazon. It is being made available here for free. A new entry is published every day. The story is written in a daily journal format.


June 25th    Is the “trigger” about to be pulled?…….

Man – HUGE news today and scary.

Yesterday a container in the Charleston harbor was found to contain a small nuclear weapon. The government is being hush-hush about it as the news was apparently leaked and not supposed to go public. I am very nervous now and I am not alone. Many preparedness websites are putting a call out to all preppers to make their final preparations as they feel “something” is getting ready to happen.

The President made a supportive statement stating that the finding of a “weapon of mass destruction” in Charleston shows that the many law enforcement agencies involved have the safety and security of the United States under control. I wonder if he has ever taken a look at the country’s southern border?

I think I am going to make another withdrawal from the bank. Would rather have food in the cabinet and ammo in my rifle if the SHTF than cash in the bank.

Going to have trouble getting to sleep.

 – Jed




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