A Survival Story: I’m alive and M has big news……..

A_Survival_Story_CoverWhat follows is just one part of an ongoing survival fiction series written by John Rourke and has been published on Amazon. It is being made available here for free. A new entry is published every day. The story is written in a daily journal format.



September 12th   I’m alive and M has big news…..

I’m alive.

What a long night last night was. We arrived near the lumber yard about 8:00pm and stayed well away. Once darkness fell we made our way across the road from the yard behind some bushes and watched…….and waited.

We went over the plan one last time. At 1:00am Karl and Sam took the box of Molotov Cocktails far to the west, crossed the road, and approached the yard. It was agreed that at 2:00am they would act.

At 1:30am Bill and Ryan (Group #1) headed to the brush beside the railroad tracks on the east side. They had to take out the dogs. I had worked since last night on a special surprise for the them. Rummaging through one of the homes that was in process of being built when The Event happened I found several sizes of PVC pipe. I constructed a suppressor that works amazingly well for one of my Ruger 10/22′s.  Loaded with CCI Mini-Mag standard velocity ammo the loudest part of the shot is hearing the bolt slap back and forth. Any way’s – Ryan was able to eliminate the dogs at approx 25-30 yards with no problem. Left my 10/22 laying in the brush and Bill and Ryan moved on to the northern ends of the fence.


Phil and I (Group #2) made our way to the southern corner of the fence near the railroad tracks. We waited covering the entire east side of the yard. 

Kenny (Group #3) watched the entire front entrance from the east near the railroad tracks. Kenny sat behind the broken down car and waited. 

At 1:55am Karl radioed that they were almost in position and would light and toss the Molotov Cocktails in 5 minutes. Those 5 minutes seemed like they lasted an hour. Right at 2:00am Karl pressed the call-button on his walkie-talkie to signal their start. A few moments later I could see the flicker of light from the fire. With the power out any light could be seen easily. Next I saw the fire on top of the building where Karl and Sam threw the last of the Molotov Cocktails. They knew the plan and ran to our meeting location safe from the lanes of fire. Within moments the gang members started exiting the building. Most were all holding weapons of some kind. When they opened the door light from the fire blasted into the night. Shadows could be seen in through the windows and glass doors.

Everyone was ready. Kenny has his .270 Winchester hunting rifle behind the car at close to 85 yards. As gang members exited out the front he started shooting – causing the first to fold like a cafeteria chair. I had a bead on those exiting the east side and began engaging targets at close to 50 yards. The red dot from my Vortex Strikefire rested on moving target after moving target. Return fire from the gang started after several members went down. They just shot randomly into the dark toward the railroad tracks. Out the front and the east-side a few hoodlums exited on fire. This really helped light up the area for continued shooting.

I heard the booms coming from Kenny as he worked the bolt on his rifle. Bill and Ryan could be heard periodically shooting as gang members exited on the northern side. The vast majority exited the building on the east side in mine and Phil’s direction. Phil shot his borrowed Mini-30 and I my Stag M4.

The whole event seemed to last a long time but in reality when I quickly looked at my watch it was only 2:12am. There was a large explosion inside the building followed by several smaller explosions. A large section of the southeast corner of the building was blown out and the roof collapsed. I am guessing propane tanks might have been the cause.  The building really started burning at this point. I estimated that I shot 12 gang members. From the look of the building and the lack of anyone exiting – I radioed everyone “BLUEBERRY!!!…..BLUEBERRY!!!” which was code to pull back to our meet up location.

By the way – one of M’s favorite fruits are blueberries. That’s where I came up with the code.

Everyone made it fine. Everyone did what they were supposed to do. Going over the plan time and time again paid off. We retreated back approx 400 yards to where we parked the Jeep and headed home. We estimated 28 killed by each persons account. We don’t know exactly how many were in the building but no doubt the Blue Bandanna Gang received a devastating blow tonight. The glow of the fire burning could be seen miles away.

I was not sure how I would feel after. I feel…… relieved. I am relieved it is over. I know there is more evil out there and no doubt that evil will visit the neighborhood at some point again. We have more work to do. We will be ready.

Everyone was very happy to see us return safe. M squeezed me harder than she ever had. I reminded her that she had something to tell me. She whispered in my ear “a little later”. Eric was there and mentioned that he told me so that I would be fine. I just laughed. Jessie walked up to me and gave me a hug and said “Thank you Jed. Thank you for getting justice for Mark.” Tears came to my eyes as I nodded.

M and I drove the Jeep from the model house to our home. OUR home. I like that. Aaron and Caleb were there and ran over and hugged me. It was great.

We ate breakfast as the sun started to come up. We had pancakes and powdered milk….again. Glad I stocked up on A LOT of syrup. After breakfast M and I walked out back in the backyard and sat in some chairs under some trees. We commented you could feel Fall coming as we noted the lower temperature of the morning. We talked about everything that has happened since the night of The Event. So much has changed.

I told M that I have had enough change to last a lifetime and needed “No more!” M tugged on my arm and looked at me and said that she hated to burst my bubble but there was more change coming. I asked her what it could possibly be?

M said…… “I’m pregnant.”

– Jed



 The End…….for now


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