A Survival Story: Hwy 72 visited

A_Survival_Story_CoverWhat follows is just one part of an ongoing survival fiction series written by John Rourke and has been published on Amazon. It is being made available here for free. A new entry is published every day. The story is written in a daily journal format.



August 30th   Hwy 72 visited…..

I woke up this morning, watered several of the plants out back from the rain barrels, and checked the rabbit traps. Awesome!!! I caught one – a male (or more accurately I guess they are called a Buck). I placed it in one of the pens I built out of some deck wood. It is basically a large box using the ground as the bottom and bird netting over the top for protection from predators. The fence around the back yard will keep some critters out – we’ll see how well it works. I need to build something to raise the rabbits off the ground like Eric did which will make capturing the rabbit pellets easier. The garden could use them.

Around 10:30am M and I headed over to see the folks over on Hwy 72. I pulled up to the front entrance and it was guarded now. I pulled up and the man walked over carrying on old pump action shotgun that likely has taken many birds over its lifetime. I told him I was wanting to speak with Phil and Lisa. The guy yelled up to one of homes and Phil and came walking down over the hill. Once he saw M and I – he motioned to let us through.

Phil walked over to us in the Jeep and said he was surprised to see us. I shook his hand as I stepped out of the vehicle and told him that I wanted to apologize. I explained that even with the world ending around us -I am still human and can make mistakes. I told him that I was hoping we could still talk about our neighborhoods working together for the benefit of both. He said that he would like that.

I felt relieved as M squeezed my arm knowing how this had been weighing on my mind.

We walked over to a small overhanging carport-type shelter where two men stood. These were older men in their late 50′s or early 60′s. Farmer looking types to be honest. Their names were Jack and Mitch. They talked to me about their farm – cows, chickens, goats – even two small catfish ponds. They said they have had very few problems with trespassers but felt that it was just a matter of time. They have weapons – but not much for firepower. They have heard of the violence going on across the country – especially in cities. With the limited travel that a few of the farm hands have done they saw evidence of the violence and desperation out there. Bodies lying in the street, houses burned down, rapes, kidnappings – Jack, Mitch and Phil continued that they have many resources but are in need of help with security.

I told all of them that I appreciated their time and I apologized for my previous departure. I told them that we needed to work out some details but felt that we could provide the help they needed.

Over the next hour we hashed out the details of our agreement. I told them that upon approval from the neighborhood I would return the next day to begin fulfilling our end of the deal.

M said she was very thankful and said that the people seemed awfully nice. I told her that looks can be deceiving but they did seem OK. Phil and I had a private conversation when he led me to an outhouse. He said some of the residents certainly had some seriously negative opinions on anyone that wasn’t white. He said a few others were not as bad and were changing and more accepted. Phil told me that he did not share their opinions – but he married into the family. Regardless – he said they were good people.

My hand is getting tired of writing.

 – Jed



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