A Survival Story: Getting ready for visitors…….

A_Survival_Story_CoverWhat follows is just one part of an ongoing survival fiction series written by John Rourke and has been published on Amazon. It is being made available here for free. A new entry is published every day. The story is written in a daily journal format.



July 11th   Getting ready for visitors…….

The seeds are spouting in many of the gardens. Everyone is realizing that although there are no typical jobs to drive to each day there is a lot of work to be done. Those working their garden have to pick insects off the plants, weed and water. These gardens are no longer just a hobby but an integral part of their survival. 

I met with Ryan and Bill today and talked about the motorcycle’s that went through the neighborhood yesterday. We discussed that the neighborhood is far too open. Those motorcycle riders were likely feeling us out. The Security Team decided to barricade the entrance-way, including the driveway along with all areas on either side. The goal is to prevent any vehicle from entering. Luckily there had been a couple of partial builds in the neighborhood which afforded us quite a bit of lumber, nails and concrete. Several trash can were filled with dirt and spaced out across the entire entrance. A fence was built with the 2×4′s as well. Security also placed a pair of members patrolling the entrance at all times. 

Great find today – one of the neighbor’s, Ted, brought forward a scanner. He had not thought of it early on because of no power. I took the scanner to Bill’s along with one of my solar panels, inverters, and a charge controller to power it. Bill already had a small set up with AM/FM and a CB. With the solar panel he can run everything more frequently. Hopefully we will have some more news tomorrow due to the scanner. 

I am so tired. I am more physically active than I ever have been. There is constantly something that needs to be done. My body ache’s and my muscles are sore. M gave me a great massage tonight when it cooled down. A small piece of paradise it was!! 


The community is going to be tested soon. I can feel it. We need to be ready and we have a long way to go. 

–   Jed

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