A Survival Story: Aaron and Caleb are fitting in

A_Survival_Story_CoverWhat follows is just one part of an ongoing survival fiction series written by John Rourke and has been published on Amazon. It is being made available here for free. A new entry is published every day. The story is written in a daily journal format.



August 13th   Aaron and Caleb are fitting in…..

Spent quite a bit of time with Aaron and Caleb today. I talked with them about the need for “work” to keep everything around the house and the neighborhood going. Chores were something they were not really used to before The Event – and have lived through some incredibly tough times since.

Caleb is a good little kid and I feel a growing connection with him. I can’t imagine what it would be like to experience what Caleb has at 9 years old. He continues to wake up at night yelling for his Mother or Father – and then fall asleep crying when he remembers the reality of what has happened in his life.

I did some basic firearms training with both the kids today. I introduced them to my Daisy 881 pellet rifle and covered and emphasized safety with them. They got sick of me telling them “Finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.” Both did well.

After lunch M, the kids, and I got together in the shade of the garage and talked. I asked them to give me some ideas on chores that they should be responsible for. Trying to get them motivated and on-board by allowing them to make some decisions. We put together a list for each and agreed that starting tomorrow the workload would be split up.

One thing I was particularly surprised at was Aaron brought up Mrs. Williams that lives on the other side of the neighborhood. She is an older women that lives alone. Aaron said he would volunteer to check on her each day and see if there was anything she needed done around her house. I asked him why he was so interested in Mrs. Williams. He said she was really nice and reminded him of his Grandmother whom he was very close too. She passed away a couple years ago when he was 14. I told him I thought that was a great idea and I was very proud of him for thinking of others.

He then said he wanted to go see Amber. Teenage love – I remember those times.

Tonight M and I sat holding hands watching Caleb draw. She looked at me and smiled. The smile was different. It seemed to communicate “Thank you” and “I am happy” at the same time. It is hard to explain – but it was like she was accepting that this is her home and this is her life.

– Jed


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