A Survival Story: A plan is set…….

A_Survival_Story_CoverWhat follows is just one part of an ongoing survival fiction series written by John Rourke and has been published on Amazon. It is being made available here for free. A new entry is published every day. The story is written in a daily journal format.



July 9th   A plan is set…….

I walked the entire neighborhood knocking on doors and asked people to attend the meeting at the model house at 5:00pm. Most all said they would attend. 110 houses in the neighborhood, 12 were empty prior to The Event from foreclosure, 16 more I had no answer at the door, and looks like no one home. That leaves 82 occupied homes. 

Close to 80 people showed up at the meeting. This one was interesting as when I started talking about my agenda someone stood up that I did not know and asked who elected me leader. I asked him his name – which he answered, “Neil”.  I told Neil that no one elected me leader and I do not proclaim myself to be the leader of the community. I went on to say that before The Event happened I was what some people would call a “survivalist” or a “prepper” and had started to prepare for troubled times. Although I always hoped that nothing significant would happen – I have done a decent amount of research and put a lot of thought into the “what if?” I continued to tell him that I am here to help others as well as myself get through what is going to be an extremely difficult situation and that we needed to work together.

I asked Neil if he had any other questions and he answered, rather suspiciously, “Not right now….”

I talked to the group summarizing what had been done thus far. I talked about the Security, Gardening, Water, Medical, Communication, and Kid’s Team.

  • I talked about the trip that Bill and I went on and some of the details. There were kids around so I did not want to get too graphic.
  • I talked about the need for more volunteers with the Security patrol’s. Ryan discussed the current rotations and what he wanted to be able to do. He was Military Police National Guard out of Florence, SC for a few years after regular duty in the Army. He also served in Iraq several years ago. People responded to him well. Ryan brought up we need to secure the perimeter better as well as set up some method of looking over the neighborhood better – visually.
  • I expressed the absolute need to get seeds in the ground and to can any extra produce that anyone has from their garden. We could not afford to let anything go to waste. I mentioned that Eric was with the Gardening Team and to see him for information and help.
  • The water stopped flowing a few days ago from the city. I mentioned about catching rain water as well as setting up a water detail to gather water from the local “swamp” and filter it. The Water Team would build several large water filters from plans I had (LDS manual).  A few people had small kiddy pools that were full which was great. I recommended that a rotation get set up so everyone can do their fair share in toting the water.


At this point Neil stood up and yelled that he had heard enough. He went on to say that I should not be making decisions for him or anyone else. He stormed off. I was relieved when several in the group stood up and said that Neil did not speak for the rest of the group. They said that they appreciated the advice and help and wanted me to continue to lead the meetings. The rest of the 80 or so people clapped. Wow!



At that point I told everyone that tomorrow would be a great day to start getting the community moving forward. I had all the Team members come to the front and I asked everyone else to select a team they would like to help out with and meet with them.

Security Leader – Ryan

Gardening – Eric

Water – Phillip

Medical – Rose

Communication – Bill

Kid’s – Jessie 

After all the Team Leaders got with the volunteers I met with the leaders to discuss their goals and objectives.

I am happy with the direction things are going however I do not think that most understand how difficult…..and dangerous things are going to get.

– Jed

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