A Survival Story:

A_Survival_Story_CoverWhat follows is just one part of an ongoing survival fiction series written by John Rourke and has been published on Amazon. It is being made available here for free. A new entry is published every day. The story is written in a daily journal format.



July 10th   Moving along…….

I was impressed with the efforts of everyone in the community today. One of the water filters was built via instructions in my LDS Preparedness Manual. Folks are transporting water and filtering it. The Security Team got together with volunteers and put together a better patrol schedule using 8 people per shift plus he managed to set up communications between everyone. Eric worked with 40 houses to assist in building raised beds and till lawns for gardens. Several folks already had gardens and donated some seeds along with what Eric had. An offshoot of the Gardening Team decided to go on a hunt for rabbits, squirrels and anything else that could be found. Everything looks to be moving along including the Kid’s Team which gathered many kids in the neighborhood and played a few games and even had some Kool-Aid (I knew I stocked up on that Kool-Aid powder for a reason).

I can’t help but feel uneasy as things seem to be coming together too easy. I noticed Neil was nowhere to be seen. Add to that two guys on motorcycles drove right through the neighborhood today. They did not stop and they did not say anything. This shows just how vulnerable we are. I am going to get with Ryan about this.

I need to get with Bill on communications. I have been so busy I am not sure what is happening with that – especially with no power. I wish I had bought a shortwave radio or a HAM before. It was always on my list of things to do.

M and I had dinner together by candlelight (as usual). Beef Stew over a bed of rice with a little bread that M made today from some “add water only” mix I stashed away. A little wine made the evening seem almost normal. We made small talk for awhile and then she asked about her chances of making it home. I asked her if she wanted me to be honest and she said yes. I told her I did not think there was any chance for a long, long time. She began to cry a bit and I moved my chair over to hers and put my arm around her. She looked up at me and said she wanted to stay with me. I told her as long as she wanted to. At that point she looked up at me and we just looked into each others eyes. It was one of those rare, miraculous moments when two human beings connect on a level that just cannot be put into words. I leaned in and we kissed.

I am glad I had that wine.

 – Jed

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