A special message from SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com……..

”Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy

Hi, my name is Bev Sandlin, and I will be helping Rourke with the Seasoned Citizen Prepper website. Yes, I am seasoned, feeling older than dirt!   I have spent almost 40 years homesteading in the mountains of the Idaho panhandle, northwestern Montana, Kentucky and the southeastern bluff county of Minnesota! I was also a coordinator for the SE MN Sustainable Farming Assn. for about 5 years which allowed me to see operations on many small farms and homesteads. And with age comes experience!


What we hope to develop—with YOUR help–is a web-based community of older, seasoned  preppers, focused on a prudent, practical preparedness lifestyle. Self-reliance, frugal living, and faith are the cornerstones of the Seasoned Citizen Prepper. Our goal is to facilitate sharing of practical knowledge among our subscribers.


But this won’t work without YOU. We want to know what YOU want to see, learn, and share. This website is all about YOU! Without your experience, knowledge and sharing we can’t become the uplifting community that SCP can be.


So, my challenge to you is: PLEASE share your experience, knowledge, and what you are doing to prepare for that “rainy day” you see ahead!


Thank you for reading and sharing!




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