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Below is a comment from SCP reader Harriet regarding SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com’s recent posts and content:



Preparing for the rest of our lives…

Well the US flag and Ronald Reagan is totally irrelevant to me, as is body armour and while I can appreciate some people like fairies…

Coming back to this blog I wonder whether its for me after all…

Preparing for the rest of my life includes:
Improving my health
Overcoming disabilities caused by ill health and accidents in my past
Managing grandchildren that can be difficult
Dealing with people with different values in a respectful way
Increasing my home preps just a little more for when the difficult times come

Fairies? Ronald Reagan? the American flag? nah – all totally irrelevant to me. And buying bottled water is a very expensive way to store a quantity of water.

Its how to deal with a desert sand vege garden that won’t absorb water.
Its how to get back mobility more than 10 years after the doctors said it wouldn’t improve.
Its preventing infections so I can go out into the community during an epidemic and not go down with something.
Its being fit enough to run up and down three flights of stairs without being puffed
Its being able to squat to pick up something and being able to easily get up off the floor like a child (still practicing these and not there yet).



I appreciate your comments and I am sure my Executive Editor Bev will chime in as well.

Sounds like you are in a tough situation already. For most of us we are preparing for tough times ahead. Bev and I work on this website and try to appeal to as many people as possible – with a focus on “seasoned citizens”. This is not a hardcore, end of the world, doom and gloom, guns a blazing preparedness site. It is a preparedness site just the same.

We hope that folks will stop by, learn, share, and maybe even smile. SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com is still in its infancy. Readers comments, suggestions and ideas are appreciated and listened to.

Yours will be no different. I sincerely hope that you will continue to stop by – and share your knowledge and ideas as well,

Take care –



THANK YOU for speaking your mind! Rourke and I are completely in the dark if people do not say anything! The only thing we have to go by is COMMENTS. No comments and we figure people don’t like it… We even did a survey trying to help us figure out what YOU, the subscribers, want! How old are you? Northern, southern, eastern, western? Etc. We have a contact email if you don’t want to comment so that everyone can see it—and we ask permission when it is something that would help others on the site.
FYI (For Your Information) neither Rourke or I get paid to do this. We do this to try to help others! Rourke foots all the costs of hosting the site, buying supplies to review, etc. The little bit of advertising helps, but it doesn’t cover the costs. I got involved only because he asked me “Pretty Please” to write for the site because even though people asked for it and said they would help, very few have written for it—and he can’t do it ALL! He is working fulltime plus, wife, kids, and has two other sites… And you know what, I feel useful again… And what a blessing that is! But heck, it looks like my computer is going and I can’t afford another one…
I AM disabled—2 strokes and a car accident. I’m living on a minimal income in a handicapped accessible house after my own homestead burned two years ago and a crooked contractor put a $114,000 lien on it, and according to the insurance company, he did only $42,000 of work. And I have had no choice but spend almost $50,000 in lawyer fees so far (!) and I go to court in the spring—the law supports businesses not individuals… I could not run up one set of stairs, but I am still fairly strong for an old woman. And for two years I could not get out of bed without a bed rail for help, and sometimes I still have a hard time. And my “husband” is actually my second ex-husband, who got kicked out of his son’s and ended up with me again. But, you know, it is better than being alone… I make him pay rent and he doesn’t believe in prepping.
Managing disabilities? You are obviously doing better than I am! SHARE!!!
Those pictures are clipart that Rourke puts in to liven up the page. And he and I are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, so “Dealing with people with different values in a respectful way” is called acceptance and keeping your mouth shut and just smiling… And yes, I have expressed my opinion tactfully that there should be no politics on this site, but it is HIS website. I open it up every day and don’t know any more than you do what is posted.
And I should have written with the Fairy Gardens that that is my way of getting the grandkids interested in gardening when they would rather be playing computer games. I also have toy horses and dinosaurs in my gardens to try to get them out there with me instead of glued to the TV. We play games in the garden (I have raised beds) and even picnic there.
And I, personally, need a little humor in my life, at least once a day, something to smile at, so every day I try to leave you with a smile.  And I need inspiration, hence “The Quote of the Day”. But if you don’t like it, say so! And Rourke will decide… J
“Its how to deal with a desert sand vege garden that won’t absorb water.” Ask me questions! Your solution is manure, compost and peat moss (that has been saturated in the bag for at least a week). You can even grow great plants in straight compost. I have two 4×4 gardens that are completely soilless—just Mel’s mix I made myself and, yes, they are more fertile than the ones with amended soil and a lot fewer WEEDS!
We’ve had some great prepping articles! Did you notice the one that was all on FREE PREPPING? And we have a whole series coming up! Just keep coming back.
And consider sharing some of YOUR experiences, what keeps you going and strong, what gives you hope to get up and face  each day.
Bev  Smile

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