A Patriot’s Rant by Beverly Sandlin

When I agreed to become the Executive Editor of SCP, it included keeping politics off this site as much as possible. I do NOT believe that preparedness is bound by politics – period. And this is blantantly a Christian site, but not Baptist, Catholic, Church of God or whatever.

I have done my best to keep politics off of this site, but I was forwarded an especially upsetting email today that is making its rounds on the internet. Basically it puts Putin in a positive, dominant light on the scene of world politics, with a submissive wife. Our President Obama is portrayed in a series of negative images being submissive to world leaders and with a dominant wife. As an American – AND PROUD OF IT – and a woman, I found this forwarded email to be offensive beyond belief!

The “elections” they have in Russia are not FREE as we know them in the United States of America – Putin is essentially a dictator. Are you aware that after the fall of the Soviet Union that only 1% of the Russian people control 99% of the monies and land in Russia? I can honestly say that I have never seen Putin’s wife by his side – perhaps I need to watch more Russian news, but I choose not to because it is controlled by Putin – NO freedom of the press in Russia. If you are not aware of it, there is also NO FREEDOM of Speech in Russia.  What I have seen of Putin would suggest to me that she is submissive by the back of his hand, if not his whole fist.

As an American, I BELIEVE WHOLEHEARTEDLY in our DEMOCRATIC form of government. We have open and FREE elections, and when the people have spoken – so be it, until the next election. And I will HONOR whomever wins that election because it is of and by the people’s choice (we won’t get into the electorial college which I personally think should be abolished). And by the way, there are more than two political parties in America, so don’t assume I am either one of the two main political parties. I, personally, do not believe that either one is 100% correct! And because I am an American, I CAN believe that and Voice that belief – GOD BLESS AMERICA!

HONOR your President, even if you didn’t vote for him.

HONOR your Veterans, even if you don’t agree with the war they fought in.

Submissive wife… I’ve had two lousy husbands and was battered by one – the women of this country have worked long and hard to get the vote and to be seen as equal in the eyes of the law at least. If you are truly a good man and a Christian husband, a submissive wife may be your blessing, but you are also a One Percenter – take a look at all the other men around you – the cheaters, the gamblers, the drunkards, the druggies, the spendthrifts… need I go on???

The worst thing that I have seen in this great country of ours in recent years is the partisanship!

Whatever happened to working together for the good of all?!

So, if you think that Putin is such a wonderful guy, a great leader of his nation, and fantastic husband… Forward the email and move to Russia!!!

Beverly Sandlinand I’m not hiding behind any pseudonym!

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