A new year…time to plan

Every year millions of people sit down and make New Year Resolutions – only to crash and burn within weeks due to a true lack of planning. Everyone wants to lose weight, save money, pay off some bills, and find true love. This isn’t eHarmony.com and I am in no position to give out financial advice – but one category of my yearly planning is….you guessed it….preparedness.

Regardless of what my goals for the year may be I go through the same process – which I will share with you:

1. Get a pen and a pad of paper.

2. Write down your first goal or objective.

3. Take some time to think about all the things that will be required in order to accomplish your goal. This is an important step. Write down everything that you will need to do.

4. Now – consider all of the items listed in #3. Are there any specific challenges to any of those steps that need to be detailed in your planning? If so – jot it down.

A lot more to it than just writing down “Lose 20 pounds“, huh? The key to accomplishing your goals is not just wanting something but actually being able to do it. I mean – if you want to save up $10,000 but can’t afford to save more than $50 a week – not gonna happen.

So – anyone have any goals for 2014? No better time than now to start planning.



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